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Infocomm Media Industry Transformation Map

last updated 23 March 2018

Giving Singapore’s economy the digital edge

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Across the globe, the pace of change is accelerating, driven by data flows and digital innovation. Singapore is called to embrace this digital economy, and the the possibilities and benefits it will bring. 

Driving this national movement for digitalisation, is the Infocomm Media Sector(ICM) Industry Transformation Map.

The ICM Industry Transformation Map is created for more than our sector. It is set to multiply growth across every sector, by leading the way in preparing Singapore for the Digital Economy.


1. Guiding companies from all sectors to adopt technology

IMDA is working with sector leads to develop industry digital plans that will make it easier for SMEs everywhere to adopt digital technology to boost growth and productivity.

2. Investing and building capabilities in frontier technologies

Tech such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) hold untapped business opportunities for our nation. IMDA is adopting a holistic approach to catalyse, synergise and boost Singapore’s AI capabilities.

3. Strengthening a vibrant core of ICM professionals and companies

An infocomm media skill is a career anywhere. The ICM ITM includes initiatives to prepare our people for new ICM job roles in the digital economy, and offer support to raise local digital champions.

The ICM Industry Transformation Map is expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of around 6% for the industry, and create more than 13,000 net PMET jobs by 2020. And promises to be the first step in our nation’s journey to be a digital economy.

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Infocomm Media Industry Transformation Map