Last Updated on 31 January 2019
Immersive media refers to technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. From sectors like engineering, media, healthcare, education and retail, immersive media is expected to play a key role in the development in the digital economy. It is projected to reach US$209.2 billion by 2022 and is one of the four technology frontiers that IMDA is focusing on. The three focus areas of IMDA’s strategy include:


To raise awareness on the potential applications and benefits of adopting immersive media. 



Support local media companies and professionals in harnessing immersive media technologies for creative ideation and innovation. 


Talent Development

To nurture a capable, future-ready workforce through the Media Manpower plan, such as Skills Framework for Media. 

Unlocking Possibilities in Healthcare and Medicine

New techniques using VR technology systems are being pioneered for advanced clinical training to help trainees improve their performance in real-life situations.

Unlocking possibilities in healthcare and medicine

"This is a synergistic partnership between the healthcare and technology industries to innovate something that is potentially useful, new and exciting. We believe this is the way forward in the future of medical training."

Augmenting Training Outcomes

VR-powered simulations provide participants with a safe learning environment, especially in situations that are dangerous or too costly to replicate in the physical world. Below are some training solutions offered by ST Electronics.

CVPT for Immersive Media


Collaborative VR Procedural Trainer (CVPT) harnesses VR to offer customised immersive training scenarios that allow trainees to practise safely and cost-efficiently.  

IRiS for Imnmersive Media


Incident Response Interactive Simulation (IRiS) recreates dynamic on-ground situations to facilitate scenario-based training, improving frontline officers’ abilities to handle public safety and security incidents.

Putting the Fun in Education

VR Enabled road safety education

VR-enabled road safety education

IM Road Safety Savvy uses VR to help students learn about road safety in an immersive, interactive and risk-free environment, where students are “transported” to road junctions to learn about dangers. This initiative is jointly developed by IMDA, Singapore Traffic Police, and Singapore Road Safety Council, and is currently deployed at the Singapore Road Safety Park. It won Bronze at the ASEAN ICT Awards (AICTA) 2018.

Bringing mixed reality to schools and community

Bringing mixed reality to our schools and community

Students and members of the public can experience Microsoft’s HoloLens on IMDA’s Lab on Wheels Immersive Media bus. By manipulating 3D holographic images to solve a virtual puzzle on the human anatomy, participants will enjoy a fun, interactive learning experience. Learn more about Lab on Wheels bus here.

Visualising Ideas and Realising Concepts

Immersive media can enable architects and designers to visualise the design of a site before its construction, saving costs and producing better outcomes.

Data-driven visualisation

Data-driven Visualisation

Fraunhofer’s virtual reality headset allows users to experience different spaces in the proposed design of buildings, expanding residential and environment design possibilities. It enhances the precision of decision-making processes for planners and future home-owners, and aids the understanding of interactions between public and private spaces.

Bringing Stories to Life

By changing the way stories are created and consumed, immersive media opens new doors to how stories can be told.

Abandoned: Hiroshima Island

Abandoned: Hashima Island

IMDA works with international partners such as Discovery Channel’s new virtual reality network, Discovery VR. Together with Hiverlab, a Singapore-based pioneer in ICT innovation and creative content producer, they created a Discovery VR app, which transports viewers to the long-lost home of Mr Kinoshita, located on the abandoned coal mining Hashima Island, in Japan.

This is Discovery’s first-ever production out of Southeast Asia, and provides opportunities for local talent to develop frontier tech skills and produce content for a global audience. 

Click here to catch this short VR documentary or download Discovery VR on the App Store and Google Play.

Featured Immersive Media companies based in Singapore

Beach House Pictures

Beach House Pictures

Beach House Pictures is one of Asia’s largest independent production companies. It has created high profile series such as Masterchef Singapore, Frontier Borneo, Cesar’s Recruit and Asia’s Next Top Model. It specialises in factual television, children’s content, and entertainment programming for the international market. 

Part of the Blue Ant Media production company, it also houses Beach House Academy, which offers training and education to aspiring and established producers throughout Asia; and Beach House Studios, which specialises in Virtual Reality, animation and broadcast design.


Gattai Games

Gattai Games

Gattai Games is an award-winning game studio that develops novel and quality interactive experiences. It has produced award-winning VR games like Stifled, a sound-based stealth thriller game that has clinched awards at events including Casual Connect Asia, Taipei Game Show and the Tokyo Game Show.



iMMERSiVELY is a creative start-up specialising in immersive media technologies such as Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Realities. To date, it has developed AR/VR content and technology for government agencies such as Singapore Tourism Board and IMDA, for media companies like Starhub, Fox Movies, and Warner Bros, and for property developers and private schools.

VRcollab image


VRcollab is a software start-up that aims to redefine collaboration and design coordination in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry. VRcollab's core technology converts Building Information Models (BIM) for use in Virtual Reality automatically, enabling architects, engineers, planners and consultants to communicate seamlessly.

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