Kinobi Product

Contact Person: Hafiz Kasman
Tel: 9633 1500

Kinobi is a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company in Southeast Asia that uses Artificial Intelligence and multinational connections to help students in Southeast Asia to get their dream job by creating a Digital Career Platform for Universities. The career platform has helped over 700,000 students and is the main career solution for over 60 government agencies and higher learning institutions across Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Within a year of establishment, Kinobi raised USD 1 million in seed funding in December 2021 from an Indonesian corporate venture capital firm and several family offices and high profile angel investors in the region.

Kinobi’s career management platform digitises processes for universities and reduces administrative workload while increasing student outcomes simultaneously. Its features range from an AI-based resume builder to an ATS (applicant tracking system) friendly internal job portal, mentoring platform, events management, customer relationship management, and member engagement tools, to an integrated psychometric test, with full visible analytics. Kinobi also provides product job boards to help companies find the best candidates to help their businesses. Kinobi can also connect companies with Kinobi's partner universities.

Kinobi's Infographic (842.66KB)


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