Dated: 4 December 2008

First commercial 3D screening of its scale across all major exhibitors

​Following rising consumer interest in 3D movies at the recently concluded 3DX: 3D Film &Entertainment Technology Festival, Disney’s animated “Bolt” lights up the screens of major exhibitors in Singapore this week –making Singapore the first territory in the world to have national theatrical roll-out of a digital 3D film across Cathay Cineplexes, Eng Wah Cinemas, Golden Village Multiplex and Shaw Organisation theatres.

3D Developments in Singapore
Hosted by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA), the recent 3DX Festival created unprecedented buzz and excitement for the advent of 3D in Singapore. 3DX opened with a stellar cast of 22 international media luminaries and speakers including Jeffrey Katzenberg (CEO, DreamWorks Animation), Jim Gianopulous (Chairman &CEO, 20th Century Fox Filmed Entertainment), Dan Glickman (Chairman &CEO, the Motion Picture Association of America) and Jon Landau (Producer, “Avatar”) amongst others. Festival attendees and the public also got to experience 3D and snapped up tickets for the slate of 12 3D Festival movies, which were screened at Golden Village Vivocity and the Singapore Discovery Centre. The movies included Disney’s “Bolt” which was exclusively screened at the Festival ahead of its US general release. 

First Territory in the World for National Roll-out of a Digital 3D Film Encouraged by the strong interest for 3D content, all the major exhibitors in Singapore, namely Cathay Cineplexes, Eng Wah Cinemas, Golden Village Multiplex and Shaw Organisation, have geared up their theatres for 3D and will be screening “Bolt” in 3D at their various outlets –making it the first commercial 3D screening of its scale here and Singapore, the first territory in the world to have national theatrical roll-out of a digital 3D film. 

Said Dr. Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer, MDA: “The 3DX Festival has whetted appetites for 3D content as it offers a greater, immersive entertainment experience and exhibitors have been encouraged by consumer interests to begin equipping their cinemas for 3D. With the increase in 3D films being made and a pipeline of forthcoming 3D content from the studios, the S$10 million 3D development fund that has been established will help Singapore companies develop 3D capabilities and build a community of 3D practitioners in Singapore through support for content projects, production and post-production facilities and training initiatives. To kick-off, the Singapore Film Commission will be co-producing Singapore’s first slate of six 3D films which is slated for pre-sales by end 2009 and in production by end March 2010.”

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) plays a key role in enabling the digital cinema infrastructure for Singapore. IDA’s strategic partnership with Technicolor Digital Cinema has enabled each of the four major exhibitors with capabilities to screen 2D and 3D digital cinematic content.

“Singapore has achieved another significant milestone for the digital cinema industry. Enabling the four exhibitors will generate more opportunities for screening a wide variety of 3D digital movies for the local movie goers”, said RADM(NS) Ronnie Tay, Chief Executive Officer, IDA. “With four 3D digital cinema halls in place and an exciting line up of 3D titles in 2009, we hope that these developments will spur exhibitors and digital cinema industry players to explore viable business models that can accelerate the roll out of more digital cinema systems in Singapore.”

Said Mr Brett Hogg, Managing Director, Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing (Singapore) Pte Ltd: "It's been Disney's pleasure to play a key part in Singapore's inaugural 3DX Festival with BOLT in 3D opening the Festival, and now with BOLT being the first Digital 3D feature film to open nationally across four cinema circuits in Singapore."

Said Mr Suhaimi Rafdi, Chief Executive Officer, Cathay Organisation Holdings Ltd: "Cathay Organisation is pleased that 3D is making its presence felt in Singapore in such a big way. This offers consumers even wider choices in terms of movie technology;from traditional 35mm to Digital &now 3D. Movie-going has long been considered as an 'escape from reality'. 3D technology takes this one step further, allowing the audience to totally immerse themselves in an experience where it all comes alive. Movie-going becomes brand new again, updated and refreshed."

Said Ms Goh Min Yen, Managing Director, EW Private Limited: “The Eng Wah chain has been the most enthusiastic adopter of digital technology, and is the most ready to screen 3-D. In 2003, Eng Wah participated in MDA’s and IDA’s Digital Hub initiative, and together, we helped to bring Singapore to the forefront of cinema technology with our full 2K Digital Cinema system. We are thrilled to be in collaboration once again with MDA and IDA, and also with Technicolour Digital Cinema with 3-D cinema technology;Eng Wah was the First chain to roll out 3-D after the 3DX Festival, with the exclusive screening of “Bolt” from 27 Nov. The response has been very positive, and we’ve been inundated with calls at the Box Office and Corporate office. With the third dimension, movie-going is more than a visual treat, where our customers can completely immerse themselves in the magic that 3-D movie brings. We applaud MDA’s and IDA’s efforts on 3-D, and are pleased with the progress of 3-D adoption by other cinema chains. We are well-positioned to take on any new changes in the arena of digital cinema, and we are able to effectively convert all our twenty 2K Digital halls into 3-D ones, if there is a strong and sustainable demand from our customers. We have plans to screen a plethora of 3-D movies in the coming months and 2009;perhaps “Journey To The Centre Of The Earth”, “Avatar”, “Hannah Montana &Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert”, “Jonas Brothers Concert”, “Toy Story” and “Monsters and Aliens” to name a few”.

Said Mr David Glass, Managing Director, Golden Village Pictures Pte Ltd: "Quite frankly, I think that the coming explosion in 3D movies is going to do wonders for the entire filmed entertainment Industry. In fact, to me, 3D is such a significant advancement for our industry, I put it in the same category as the arrival of sound in films or the introduction of colour. It is truly that significant and the consumers’ enjoyment is dramatically enhanced. I can see it as a new entertainment offering whereby some cinema patrons will only watch films in 3D. We see this at our beautiful Gold Class cinemas where patrons will no longer settle for anything less and I can see this happening with 3D entertainment as well. Golden Village was delighted to host the 3DX event at Vivo City and a huge vote of thanks should go to the MDA for actually making 3D a reality in Singapore."

Said Mr Christopher Shaw, Executive Vice President, Shaw Organisation Pte Ltd: “Shaw is excited to participate in digital 3D cinema with the kind assistance of the MDA and IDA in providing the locomotive force behind this new phase in entertainment. 3D films today are far superior to anything ever achieved previously. Should audiences embrace the experience in a major way;the media industry will see far reaching benefits all along the line –from production to distribution and exhibition.”

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