Dated: 6 September 2010

By popular demand, Singapore’s first stereoscopic 3D racing game, 3D Singapore, which debuted as a temporary exhibit at the Singapore Pavilion under the Singapore Media Showcase at Shanghai World Expo, will be extending its run till the end of the Expo on 31 October 2010 as part of the permanent exhibits.

3D Singapore allows players to don on special glasses for an immersive gaming experience in special fabricated car seats as they pit their motoring skills against one another in real time, blazing through downtown virtual Singapore in a heady mix of speed, action, sound and breathtaking visuals. The game shows Singapore sights such as the Singapore Flyer, Esplanade, the Merlion and the Marina Bay. Powered by a next-generation game engine that delivers lifelike realism in a 3D environment, the game has been attracting crowds since it debuted on 2 August as part of the temporary Singapore Media Showcase presented by the Media Development Authority (MDA).

During the initial Showcase period from 2 to 21 August, the Singapore Pavilion, which attracts 15,000 to 20,000 visitors daily, saw many keen visitors queuing for the chance to try out the three-minute game play of 3D Singapore. The game’s popularity has even caught the attention of the Chinese media, and was covered in Phoenix TV, Dragon TV, International Channel Shanghai, China Daily, Shanghai Morning Post and Oriental Morning Post, among others.

3D Singapore is developed by TQ Global, with support from MDA and in collaboration with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) GameLab led by Professor Seah Hock Soon. Through the partnership, TQ Global produced the game in less than six months from conception to delivery. An MMIBOE (Massive Multiplayer Internet Based On Location Entertainment) version is currently in the pipeline. The extension of the exhibition of 3D Singapore at the Singapore Pavilion till the end of October was funded by TQ Global and its industry partners, including StarHub.

Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer, MDA, said: “Media is a vehicle to tell stories. In the case of 3D Singapore, we were able to present a three-dimensional experience of scenic downtown Singapore through an interactive and immersive game like no other. Singapore is one of the first territories in the world to ride on the 3D wave and our 3D capability is now extended into the gaming realm. World Expos have long been regarded as platforms to showcase mankind’s latest technological breakthroughs and we are glad to present Singapore’s first stereoscopic 3D game at a global gathering like the Shanghai World Expo. That the game has been well-received is a testament to the calibre and potential of Singapore’s young games talents.”

Said Ms Leong See Kay, Director of World Expo 2010, Singapore Tourism Board said: “Singapore’s beautiful skyline is well portrayed in the realistic and vibrant visuals of the 3-D race-car game which has thrilled both adults and children during the three-week long temporary exhibition. We are delighted to have them within the Pavilion till the end of World Expo. We hope the racing game will inspire our Chinese visitors to check out the high-octane action at our Marina Bay circuit for themselves this September or next year. The real race action awaits them in Singapore!”

Said Mr Raymond Neoh, Managing Director, TQ Global: “Exhibiting 3D Singapore at Shanghai World Expo is an opportunity to showcase Singapore’s creativity and technology to the Chinese people and its game industry. The positive reception to the game will help us in our plans to scale up the launch of 3D Singapore across homebound trip back to Singapore and allow gamers in our home base to have a go at the country’s very own stereoscopic 3D car race.”

Please see Annex A ​for photographs of 3D Singapore in action at the Singapore Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo.


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