Singapore Digital (SG Digital) Scholarship


The Singapore Digital (SG Digital) Scholarship is an industry scholarship that empowers you to pursue tech or media-related studies at the Undergraduate or Postgraduate level. Scholars under the programme have the flexibility to chart your own career path in a tech or media-related job role in any organisation, and any industry.

It supports a range of tech or media-related areas of study, such as digital and interactive media, film and TV, games, cybersecurity, information technology, and Science, Engineering and Math courses (STEM).

Who can apply?


For Singaporeans who have a strong interest in a career in a tech or media-related industry and are looking (or are currently pursuing) an undergraduate tech or media-related degree at a local or overseas university.


For Singaporeans who are interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree specialised in tech or media-related areas, such as Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Immersive Media.


  • Coverage of tuition and other compulsory school fees
  • Sponsorship support for approved courses and certifications
  • Support for overseas experiences (e.g. internships, student exchange programmes, competitions)
  • Support for professional development

How to Apply?

Apply for the SG Digital Scholarship here.


For more information, please click here or contact us at:

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Last updated on: 25 Nov 2022