IMconnected App Privacy Policy

The IMconnected Privacy Policy has been developed to help you understand how IMDA collect, use and protect the data.

Collection of Data

1. The downloading and installation of the mobile application is voluntary and controlled entirely by the user of the mobile phone.

2. If you install this mobile application, you consent to the collection and sending of anonymised data to IMDA. The app collects data such as device make and model, operating system version, network provider, access technology such as 3G 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi, device location, signal strength, network performance, voice call events and connection state periodically in the background or when it is open.

3. The app does not capture personal data that allows us to identify you individually, such as numbers called, numbers calling you, message contents or websites visited. The app does not access any of the photos, videos, emails or any other personal data stored on your device. Your device is uniquely referenced by a randomly generated identifier created by the app at installation and is not traceable back to you as an individual. All data collected is transmitted and stored securely.

4. Location is required to identify where the network performance measurements occur and is only collected when you explicitly give permission.

Use of Data

5. IMDA use the provided data to confirm the quality of network service being provided and help understand how to improve the service. Any data collected or survey reports provided cannot be traced to you and is only used to provide an anonymised view of the network experience in Singapore. This is to assess the mobile network operators' performance collectively and the aggregated results are published on IMDA's website.

6. To safeguard the data, all electronic storage and transmission of data are secured with appropriate security technologies including HTTPS transmission.

7. By using the app, you consent that IMDA may share necessary data with other public agencies, unless the sharing of data is prohibited by legislation.

8. Please contact for any enquires or feedback.