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The OIP helps corporates diagnose their business challenges and crowd-source for innovative digital solutions from start-ups, technology providers and research institutes.

IMDA and experienced industry consultants will work with corporates to diagnose their business challenges, batch them together and launch Innovation Calls on the OIP every quarter. The OIP’s consultancy, crowd-sourcing and marketing services are complimentary and corporates need only provide prize monies of between $20 – 50k for the solutions they choose.

For a faster match, we offer a discovery engine on our portal that provides automated recommendations by analysing the corporate’s requirements, and recommending proven solutions from past challenges.

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Who can apply; How to apply?

All corporates, start-ups and technology providers are eligible to participate.

Corporates should have a business challenge and be willing to put up prize money for innovative digital solutions. Submit a form here.

Challenge Solvers should have digital technology expertise and innovation capabilities, and an interest to co-innovate with potential customers. Register at to keep up to date with the latest Innovation Calls.


Corporates gain access to a community of 12,000 solution providers around the world and across various innovative areas. We provide complimentary services in diagnosing your business, defining your problem statement, crowd-sourcing and co-evaluating the solutions.

Challenge Solvers benefit from winning key reference customers with clear problem statements to solve, and prize monies that can be seen as a seed fund without equity. They can co-innovate with corporate to develop, validate, and test their solutions. If successful, they can go on to commercialise and go to market jointly.


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Last updated on: 30 Nov 2022

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