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Digital Leaders Programme

Accelerate your business's digital transformation with IMDA's Digital Leaders programme! Enhance your digital capability building and outpace competition in Singapore's rapid digitalisation.

The Digital Leaders Programme: Fast-track digital capability building

The Digital Leaders Programme (DLP) is tailored to help digitally ambitious and progressive local non-ICT companies accelerate their digital transformation. Jointly run by IMDA and Enterprise Singapore, the programme supports local companies in building in-house digital capabilities that better position them to capture new business opportunities locally and beyond.

Empower your business with IMDA's Digital Leaders Programme

Transforming businesses – Benefits of DLP

The Digital Leaders Programme arms companies with digital knowledge and capabilities through a three-prong approach – Empower, Enable, Engage – grooming businesses into Digital Leaders equipped to leverage digitalisation to stay ahead of the competition and drive their next bound of growth.

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    The Digital Leaders Programme empowers companies to accelerate digitalisation by equipping company leadership and digital teams with strategic and tactical knowledge.

    Masterclasses to help business leaders lead their company’s digital transformation journey.

    Tech discovery Workshops, Webinars, and Demo days that discuss the latest tech trends and solutions.

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    The Digital Leaders Programme enables digital transformation by helping companies build internal digital capabilities.

    Salary support to hire an in-house digital team, comprising a Chief Technology Officer (or equivalent) and up to five digital members.

    Facilitate access to partners and tech talents to develop digital roadmaps that guide digital project implementation.

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    The Digital Leaders Programme engages companies via an exciting Digital Leaders community.

    Interaction and networking opportunities for learning and collaboration with like-minded peers and established digital leaders.

    Connect with tech partners for co-innovation.

As part of the efforts to support enterprises in their digital transformation, IMDA has also partnered Accenture to launch the Digital Leaders in Emerging Tech Pilot (DLET Pilot).

IMDA recognises the potential of using emerging technologies like Digital Twin, Extended Reality (XR) and Generative AI to improve operational efficiencies, unlock new revenue streams, and access new markets. Hence, the DLET Pilot is specifically tailored to focus on supporting enterprises in capabilities development for emerging tech project execution.

Funding support is available for eligible enterprises. For more information, check out the DLET Pilot infrographics here (157.15KB).

Kindly register your interest for a follow-up discussion via the online form.

The Digital Leaders journey

  1. Companies who wish to join the Digital Leaders Programme must possess digital ambitions that are mapped to a business growth strategy.
  2. Once on board the Digital Leaders Programme, companies will:
    • Form a digital core team to execute digital ambition and projects
    • Chart a digital roadmap to guide strategy and implementation plans to achieve digital transformation goals
    • Execute impactful digital projects to create new value propositions and/or build new revenue streams, in line with the company’s digital ambitions

Spotlight: Digital Leaders who have benefitted from DLP

Hear about the impact of the Digital Leaders Programme from leaders like Tommy Koh (Chief Technology Officer, Bee Cheng Hiang), John Ang (Chief Technology Officer, EtonHouse International Education Group), and Raghuraman Krishnamachari (Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions, HMI Group), as they share about how the DLP powered their journey of digital transformation. Swipe to find out more!

Who can apply?

  • Non-ICT business entities registered and operating in Singapore, with at least 30% local shareholding.
  • Companies that have digitalised and are keen to push new digitalisation boundaries to capture new growth opportunities.
  • Companies that are willing to invest in in-house digital capabilities and build a digital team.
  • Companies whose management prioritises digital transformation and possess the financial capability to drive and integrate digital into the core business.

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