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Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Accelerating the adoption and commercial deployment of AMRs across various sectors


Autonomous Mobile Robots (or AMRs) is an emerging technology that brings about operational efficiency for businesses. The adoption of AMRs will allow businesses to optimise manpower through flexible deployments and focus on innovation. We aim to drive the adoption of AMRs through enabling seamless operations in both indoor and outdoor spaces, collaborating with ecosystem partners and promoting international best practices.

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Strengthening interoperability for indoor AMR deployments

Businesses have begun exploring the use of AMRs to enable innovation in their operations and improve the quality of customer service. To facilitate the pervasive deployment of AMRs, we actively foster interoperability through adoption of middleware, based on the Robotics Middleware Framework (RMF). Catalysed by the National Robotics Programme (NRP), this is an open-source framework that deconflicts operations between different vendors’ robots and infrastructure assets (e.g., lifts and doors), promoting safe deployment, optimal efficiency and reduced integration costs.

Bringing together industry and the research community

IMDA also works closely with the research community and agencies to continuously stay ahead in RMF developments as well as setting standards and best practices to cement Singapore’s leadership in the space. We organise industry events to share latest technology developments and solutioning options as well as foster business partnerships to support AMR and RMF proliferation.

Enabling seamless commercial deployment of outdoor AMR solutions

Outdoor AMR deployments face significant challenges due to the dynamic and unstructured nature of outdoor environments. The main challenges revolve around the complex governance, technical limitations, and commercial considerations.

IMDA works with various stakeholders, such as government agencies, technology solution providers and end users, to address these challenges and promote innovations around the commercial deployment of outdoor AMR solutions.

Partnering industry to close the gaps between supply and demand

IMDA brings together players across the ecosystem to assess and meet future commercial demand. In addition to building the tech capabilities of AMR and RMF providers, IMDA also engages with demand users such as estate owners and professional service providers (e.g., cleaning and security service providers) to proliferate the use of AMR and RMF.

Through strategic pilots (i.e., involving commercial complexes and multiple use cases) as well as single-building deployments, IMDA collaborates with partners across the ecosystem – enterprise users, industry partners, and the research community – to validate ease of implementation and ensure that businesses in other sectors can benefit from these pilots.

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