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Strategic Digital Projects


Catalysing digital transformation through emerging technologies

Rapidly evolving emerging technologies like Extended Reality (XR), Digital Twin (DT) and Generative AI (Gen AI) provide exciting opportunities to our enterprises. These technologies can help enterprises and industries to generate new revenue streams, capture new markets, and improve and enhance their business operations and efficiency.

IMDA collaborates with lead users and other agencies to scope and develop use cases at the enterprise or sectoral level.

Accelerating the adoption of emerging technologies

IMDA partners with industry leaders and technology solution providers to provide thought leadership and facilitate enterprises and industries to co-create innovative solutions.

IMDA regularly organises Tech Discovery Workshops with technology companies and industry leaders to seed ideas and share best practices to inspire digital leaders.

GenAI Sandbox for SMEs

IMDA and Enterprise Singapore will launch the GenAI Sandbox for SMEs in early 2024 to help SMEs gain hands-on experience on GenAI with a curated list of solutions that are simple to deploy and use. With a better understanding of the solutions, SMEs will be better positioned to extend and use GenAI to a wider scale. SMEs and solution providers can visit the following links for more information:

Contact us

Enterprises seeking to digitally transform themselves by leveraging emerging technologies and partners wishing to collaborate with IMDA on this journey may reach out to us at info@imda.gov.sg.