Ser En is a Singaporean BAFTA-winning producer/writer, whose live action and animated short films have been screened and won awards at over 80 international film festivals. Poles Apart (2017), produced by Ser En, was directed by Paloma Baeza and starred Helena Bonham Carter. It won a BAFTA for Short Animation and an Annie Award. She also produced Let Me Kill My Mother First (2018), a short film directed by Mei Ann Teo, recipient of the National Directors Fellowship in America, which premiered at the Singapore International Film Festival. Ser En is also an alumnus of the Rotterdam Lab and the Bucheon Fantastic Film School. 


Ser En holds an MA in Producing from the National Film and Television School and is also an alumnus of the Rotterdam Lab. From 2017-2018, she was a producer for Asian media conglomerate mm2 Entertainment, her projects include Zombiepura (2018), Circle Line (in post-production) and a TV adaptation of Dick Lee’s Fried Rice Paradise. Currently, Ser En is the script development producer for a TV adaptation of Goh Boon Teck’s successful stage play Titoudao, and animation producer for Imagi-nation, an upcoming Discovery Channel documentary.