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National Youth Tech Championship 2023

Inaugural drone derby championship

Date and time
LocationOnline @ Titan Media Youtube Channel


This July and August, youths from Infocomm Media Clubs will showcase their newly acquired AI skills at a drone derby in the inaugural National Youth Tech Championship, organised by IMDA in partnership with Google Cloud. 

National Youth Tech Championship is the flagship competition for the Infocomm Media Club CCA, powered by IMDA. Exclusively for IMC members through IMDA, students are exposed to emerging tech such as first-hand experiences to interact with the technologies and to better understand the real-world applications of tech and media.

The web series will be produced by Titan Digital Media, hosted by Jianhao Tan and Denise Soong. 

Be inspired by tomorrow’s disruptors in Tech.

In partnership with:

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Key takeaways

Over 200 Infocomm Media Club (IMC) members from 51 secondary schools will go head-on-head in the 4-week long competition and take part in weekly thematic challenges designed by Google engineers, learn deep tech skills, and work in teams to solve challenges in pursuit of the trophy awaiting them at the grand finale on 18 August. 

Round 1: Intro to AI and Machine Learning

Learn how to programme an AI model

Using Google Colab, teams will learn and understand the basics of AI and Machine Learning.

Watch Episode 1.

Round 2: AI for Devices

Learn how to use AI to control a device

Teams will take their drones on a first flight before proceeding into fundamental movements.

Watch Episode 2.

Round 3: AI Drone Derby: Pre-Race

Learn how to use AI to recognise objects and perform a task

Teams will need to implement what they have learned to navigate a drone through a challenging course. 

Top 20 teams will proceed to semi-finals in Round 4.

Watch Episode 3.

Round 4: AI Drone Derby: Semi & Finals


Top 20 teams from Round 3 will undertake a challenge where only the top 10 will progress to the finals.


Top 10 teams will battle it out in the AI Drone Derby, where top 4 teams will emerge winners of NYTC!

Watch Episode 4.