BSB - Trade without Barriers

BSB is an initiative by the Infocomm Media Development Authority and the Monetary Authority of Singapore. BSB is an open and international AI-driven meta-hub, aimed at fostering SME digitalisation and platform connectivity. 

Global communities are collaborating to build an inclusive global platform to help SMEs digitalise and internationalise


BSB and its benefits


If you are an SME


If you are a platform owner


If you are the government


If you are a service provider


BSB will provide greater domestic and international trade opportunities for SMEs and their ecosystem

Drive digitalisation and provide resources for SMEs

  • Educating and upskilling SMEs through various knowledge democratization learning tools
  • Financial inclusion for businesses
  • Cross-border data flow to provide advantage for our SMEs in the Digital Economy

Develop a vibrant & interoperable SME ecosystem

  • Will enable SMEs across the world to digitally connect with each other with access to a global community
  • Working closely with partners (such as Mastercard, SAP, Yellow Pages and Digivation”) to provide foundational support for SMEs

Innovation space for SMEs and Technology Service Providers

  • A sandbox environment to enable testing and delivery of new services
  • Anonymised data will enable technology providers to develop new innovative services

BSB is a hybrid global meta-hub for business and digital services that enables

Enhanced domestic and international trade opportunities for SMEs

Quick and intuitive access in the provision of digital services with seamless integration

Interoperability between SME ecosystems

Sandbox environment to accelerate test and delivery of new services for SMEs

Value for Buyers & Suppliers, Platforms, Service Providers and Governments

Buyers & Sellers

One-stop meta-hub to source for domestic and cross-border trade and services online


Access to a global community

Services Providers

Rapid growth with new clients and opportunity to leverage data for innovation


Drive financial sector activity and inclusive SME development

Key Partners

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Last updated on: 08 Jan 2020