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Consumer Education

last updated 05 March 2019

IMDA spearheads consumer education efforts across a spectrum of topics and issues including digital literacy, infocomm know-how and accessibility, as well as personal data protection.

Working closely with the Media Literacy Council, IMDA aims to raise the level of media literacy and foster a safer and more responsible Internet environment for all.

To help consumers better understand the key infocomm technologies they can use every day to improve their lives, IMDA also provides consumer resources such as guides to picking the right broadband plans, as well as reports on the connection statistics of major service providers in Singapore.

Consumers can also learn how to better protect their personal data, through guides and best practices developed by the Personal Data Protection Commission.

IMDA has a number of schemes designed to benefit those in need. The NEU PC Plus Programme enables families with school-going children to receive a PC at home, while the Digital TV Assistance Scheme helps low-income Singaporean families to make a smooth transition to DTV.

And for seniors interested to connect up for the first time, IMDA’s IT for Seniors programmes brings an exciting curriculum to empower them on their digital journey. It includes inter-generational IT bootcamp and various learning opportunities to join the online community.

  • Digital Literacy and Participation

    As Singapore becomes increasingly connected through technology, it is important for citizens to be able to use and engage it actively, meaningful, and safely. Read more
  • Digital TV

    Digital TV delivers higher-resolution pictures that are sharper and clearer, and free from the fuzzy images that are associated with analogue TV.Read more
  • Personal Data Protection

    Data is the lifeblood of new digital services in a Smart Nation. As citizens’ lives become more connected each day, the need to protect one’s personal data becomes an even more urgent task.Read more
  • Wireless@SG

    Wireless@SG is Singapore’s largest free Wi-Fi network. Read more
  • Mobile and Broadband

    To help consumers understand the issues relating to their use of mobile and broadband services, the IMDA has compiled a series of Mobile & Broadband Advice on topics ranging from latency and throughput, to usage issues such as learning to get more from your broadband connection, the benefits of higher bandwidth, and how to go safe online.Read more
  • Fibre Broadband

    From interactive TV to high-speed gaming and telehealth, fibre broadband services delivered over Singapore’s Next Gen NBN opens up a whole new world of exciting for consumers.Read more
  • Digital Inclusion

    As Singapore becomes more connected, more services will be delivered digitally to offer convenience for users. Just as important is ensuring that users have the means to access these services, by providing education and access to segments of society that require assistance.Read more
  • Telecoms Equipment Guide

    What you need to know before you purchase your telecommunication equipment.Read more
  • Infocomm Regulation

    More choices, no bill shocks and better protection all round for consumers – these are some of the goals of policies and regulations developed by IMDA to create a conducive infocomm environment that is both pro-consumer and pro-business.Read more
  • Unsolicited Communications

    Unsolicited communications or spam refers to emails or mobile messages that advertise products and services to a large group of recipients without their prior request or consent.Read more