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Digital Inclusion

last updated 26 December 2017

As Singapore becomes more connected, more services will be delivered digitally to offer convenience for users. Just as important is ensuring that users have the means to access these services, by providing education and access to segments of society that require assistance.

Digital inclusion and accessibility are important parts of IMDA’s work. From broadband to infocomm skills to digital TV (DTV), IMDA seeks to make these more accessible to those in need and bridge the digital divide between all Singaporeans.

Assistance schemes include the NEU PC Programme that helps provide families with school-going children with PCs and broadband access,  the Infocomm Accessibility Centre that trains people with disabilities to use infocomm, as well as the Digital TV Assistance Scheme to help needy households transition to DTV.

  • Digital TV Assistance Scheme

    During the progressive Digital TV (DTV) rollout islandwide, the DTV Assistance Scheme was implemented to help low-income households make the switch to digital TV so that they can continue to watch their favourite free-to-air TV programmes.Read more
  • Enable IT Programme

    The Enable IT Programme aims to enable people with disabilities through adoption of infocomm and assistive technology (IT/AT) to enhance their abilities in activities of daily living, education and employment as well as to help them interact with others. Read more
  • Home Access

    The Home Access Programme aims to close the digital divide by providing affordable broadband bundle package to low-income households.Read more
  • NEU PC Plus Programme

    The NEU PC Plus Programme offers students and persons with disabilities from low income households the opportunity to own a brand new computer at an affordable price.Read more
  • Silver Infocomm Initiative

    Infocomm technology can play an important role in helping the elderly continue to contribute meaningfully to society, stay actively connected with their family and the community, and not be left behind in our digital society. Read more
  • Social Innovation

    The Social Innovation programme will support Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) by encouraging the adoption of IT solutions to better improve help to their end-beneficiaries.Read more