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Enable IT Programme

last updated 03 November 2017

The Enable IT Programme aims to enable people with disabilities through adoption of infocomm and assistive technology (IT/AT) to enhance their abilities in activities of daily living, education and employment as well as to help them interact with others.

In addition, IMDA is collaborating with relevant partners from the disability sector to promote and raise awareness on benefits of IT/AT adoption to people with disabilities, caregivers and disability professionals.

Guided by the Smart Nation vision, the programme is implemented through close collaboration between IMDA, disability sector organisations, stakeholders (e.g. policy makers from Government agencies, disability voluntary welfare organisations and help agencies) as well as private sector organisations. The programme initiatives are being established through a multi-pronged approach:

  • Education and Awareness on Benefits of Infocomm and Assistive Technology (IT/AT): Raise awareness of IT/AT among persons with disabilities, caregivers and disability sector professionals - through education and outreach activities.

  • Collaboration with Disability Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs): The Enable IT supports VWOs in their goal to enable and empower persons with disabilities through adoption of IT/AT.

  • IT/AT Initiatives at Tech Able in the Enabling Village (EV)1: A collaboration between SG Enable, SPD, IMDA and industry partners, Tech Able is a resource centre that makes IT/AT tools more accessible for persons with disabilities. Clients can receive training, learn to live and work independently using IT/AT tools.

    Through the initiatives, people with disabilities will be able to make informed decisions about appropriate technological solutions to adopt. People with disabilities and professionals from the disability sector will also be equipped with relevant IT/AT skills via hands-on experience and training programmes. By equipping people with disabilities with technological skills, their employability will be enhanced. In turn, they will be enabled to pursue their dreams, attain a sense of self-worth and financial independence as well as contribute to Singapore’s Smart Nation vision.

    1As announced by SG Enable in July 2014, the EV (integrated community space) will serve as a focal point of services for people with disabilities and their caregivers. Please refer to https://goo.gl/GHPMkS for SG Enable’s Press Release.