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Enable IT Programme

last updated 07 November 2018

The Enable IT Programme aims to build an inclusive society and enable Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) through adoption of Infocomm and Assistive Technologies (IT/AT) to enhance their abilities and skillsets required for independent living

The programme is implemented through close collaboration with partners from the disability and technology sectors to raise awareness and promote the benefits of IT/AT adoption to PWDs, caregivers, disability professionals and potential employers. The programme initiatives are established through a multi-pronged approach: 

Increasing Adoption & Building Capabilities

By equipping PWDs with relevant technological tools and skills, they will be able to leverage on technologies to enhance their capabilities for daily living, education and employment, pursue their goals, live independently and realise their aspirations.

  • IT/AT Loan Library – A collaboration between IMDA and SPD, the IT/AT Loan Library was set up to provide trial and loan services of IT/AT devices to individual PWDs, Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs), and Special Education (SPED) schools. Through the loan services, beneficiaries are able to determine the suitability and make informed decisions on the appropriate prior IT/AT devices to adopt.

  • IT/AT@VWOs – To drive meaningful engagements and empower PWDs in VWOs, IMDA supports the integration of appropriate IT/AT within their facilities. Mainstream devices such as tablets and mobile devices with in-built accessibility features can be readily adopted, and loaded appropriate applications with localised content to engage their beneficiaries.

  • Broadband internet access through Wireless@SG – IMDA supported the deployment of Wireless@SG networks at various VWOs sites, to enable them to leverage the internet to better engage and serve their beneficiaries.

  • Curate content for PWDs – To educate and equip PWDs with skills needed to thrive in the current disruptive environment, content will be curated to enhance their learnings. These content will be broken down into bite-size segments and delivered to PWDs in a fun and interactive manner through various mediums such as immersive technologies.

  • IT/AT ambassadors – IMDA collaborated with technology corporates such as Apple and Microsoft to train a group of PWDs to be IT/AT ambassadors on built-in assistive technology. These ambassadors will eventually be assigned to impart their knowledge on inclusive technological practices within the disability community. 

Increasing Awareness and Education

Continuing efforts in raising awareness on the benefits of IT/AT adoption, disability stakeholders can discover and better understand how adoption of mainstream technologies can benefit PWDs.   

  • E2 Connect – Forum, seminar and bite-size workshops with customised content will be organised to help promote to and educate PWDs, disability sector stakeholders and potential employers on the benefits and features of using mainstream devices to meet the needs of PWDs as well as to increase their productivity. In addition, the E2 Connect forum will be organised once every 2 years and aims to educate and increase awareness of tech adoption among the PWD sector and the general public. For more information on E2 Connect Forum 2018, click here.

Through the initiatives, PWDs will be able to make informed decisions to adopt the technological solution most suited to their needs. Professionals from the disability sector will be able to leverage on technology to enhance the learning experience and support the therapy of their PWDs clients. PWDs also be equipped with relevant IT/AT skills via hands-on experiences and training programmes. By equipping PWDs with technological skills, it will encourage independent living and enhance their employability. Thus, in turn enabling them to purse their dreams, attain a sense of self-worth and independence, as well as contribute to Singapore’s Smart Nation vision.