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How to Apply

last updated 03 November 2017

Information on the application process and the forms and supporting documents to be submitted.

Application Process

How Do I Apply?

  • Complete the PC-Bundle application form
  • For broadband service application, fill in the Broadband Service application form and Deed of Indemnity
  • Submit completed form(s) and supporting documents to the applicant's school's administrative staff or directly to the relevant appointed lead agency for processing

Supporting Documents

The applicant must have:

  • A valid student pass/matriculation card
  • NRICs/birth certificates of the applicant and all the members of the household
  • Latest pay slip or a 12-month CPF contribution history of all working adults in the household
  • Latest 12-month CPF contribution history or a declaration of income status of all non-working adults in the household

Application Forms

Application Form TypeFor Student and Person with DisabilitiesFor Voluntary Welfare Organisation
PC-Bundle Scheme

Application Process

PC-Bundle Scheme Workflow Process

PC Bundle Workflow Nov 2016