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Digital Maker Programme

last updated 07 March 2019

Digital Maker programme aims to cultivate a community of innovators, imbued with the culture of collaboration and co-creation, to solve real-world problems.

Launched in April 2017, the Digital Maker Programme will reach out to schools and community to introduce digital making through a simple-to-use and open-ended technology called the “micro:bit” that students and adults will find comfortable to use, and inspire them to explore the possibilities of creating with technology.

Introducing digital making to schools

Under this programme, we provide all interested primary and secondary schools with micro:bits for up to one cohort of their students. Together with our partner Microsoft, we equip school teachers with basic skills of digital making using the micro:bit and show them the possibilities of infusing digital making in lessons and/or schools’ programmes.  To-date, we have 211 schools on board the programme.

Building communities of digital makers

We also hold introductory workshops for members of the public at PIXEL Labs @ NLB and community centres, where they learn how to use the micro:bit to create simple projects.

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