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DMAS Guidelines for Using Commercial Electronic Messages

last updated 03 November 2017

Effective 15 June 2007, the membership requirements of the Direct Marketing Association of Singapore have been amended to include adherence to the following guidelines with respect to using electronic messages for commercial purposes. These guidelines replace the DMAS Email Marketing Guidelines as Part of DMAS Code of Practice which came into effect 1 June 2004.

To assist marketers in understanding these new requirements, DMAS has developed two Checklists that can be used before launching either e-mail or SMS/MMS campaigns. These Checklists provide a simple and straightforward means to compare the key provisions of both the Spam Control Act and the DMAS Commercial Electronic Messaging Guidelines.

Marketers following these practices will be considered to have made legitimate or proper use of this critical communication channel. Within the body of their e-mails, DMAS members are encouraged to use the Seal of Integrity together with a statement that they are in compliance with these guidelines and a link to their full text.

Consumers receiving commercial e-mail or mobile messages from a marketer not following these guidelines are encouraged to report such marketer to either the Consumer Association of Singapore or the Direct Marketing Association of Singapore. The relevant contact information is:

Direct Marketing Association of Singapore
10 Eunos Road 8
#13-07 Singapore Post Centre
Singapore 408600
Tel: +65 6227 8055
Fax: +65 6221 4178
e-mail: info@dmas.org
Website: www.dmas.org

Consumer Associaton of Singapore
170 Ghim Moh Road
Ulu Pandan Community Building #05-01
Singapore 279621
Hotline: 6100 0315
Fax: 6467 9055
e-mail: sayit@case.org.sg
Website: www.case.org.sg