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Contact: Quah Zheng Wei

Category: Enterprise Data / Development Platform
Sub category: Verifiable Certificates

Accredify is pioneering the world’s transition to verifiable data. Headquartered in Singapore and founded in 2019, Accredify is Asia Pacific’s leading service provider for the issuance of verifiable documents and has processed over 11 million verifications for issued documents, known as “Accredified documents”, to date. By enabling automation and secure information exchange, Accredify has empowered nearly 600 enterprises in nine markets to simplify complex processes and discover new frontiers of efficiency.
Accredify’s solution can be used by any organisation, in any industry, to safeguard information integrity by ensuring accountability, traceability, and visibility, in their processes. One use case is when Accredify co-developed Singapore’s national COVID-19 test standard, HealthCerts, with Singapore’s Ministry of Health, Temasek, and GovTech to ensure that all COVID-19 test results issued by Singapore’s clinics are verifiable and tamper-evident. This enabled local and overseas authorities to effectively monitor and manage the pandemic by having a reliable and efficient method to confirm an individual’s COVID-19 status.
Accredify is trusted by private and public organisations alike because of its commitment to security. Its solution is compliant with local government cybersecurity regulations and data governance policies, with certifications such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and the Data Protection Trustmark.
With a dedicated team that embraces the highest standards of customer service, security, and privacy, Accredify’s mission is to be the foremost verification solutions provider for moments when trust matters most.

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Last updated on: 03 Mar 2023

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