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Contact: Wei Zhuang (Lenard) Tan
Tel: 9828 5628

Ailytics helps companies in industrial sectors such as (Construction, Manufacturing, Oil&Gas, and Maritime) industries enhance safety and maximize productivity by tapping on camera feeds to run state-of-the-art video analytics solutions and provide round-the-clock real-time actionable insights of their operations to make better-informed decisions.

Customers leverage on their solution for assessing subcontractor performance, improving worker awareness, worker onboarding, early risk identification, incident reporting, asset utilization, as well as claims and disputes. Their solution also helps with 2 ESG goals, by ensuring that every single worker’s safety and well-being is being looked after and taken care of as well as having more efficient operations to reduce the overall wastage and carbon footprint.

Their solution is hardware agnostic, easily deployable, operates well in harsh environments, and can solve some of the industry's toughest challenges at the fraction of the cost with their 2D to 3D technology. Ailytics has over 10+ pre-built readily deployable AI modules, that can cover 90% of common operational scenarios that companies face and is currently the leading solution provider of video analytics for construction operations in Singapore with over 10+ active deployments in the country with some of the largest players in the industry.

Their mission is to accelerate the improvement in safety and productivity of industrial operations through insights from cameras.

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Last updated on: 12 Dec 2022

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