CITYDATA Technology

Contact: Lee Yew Leong
Tel: 93697555

CITYDATA provides mobility data intelligence as a service for over 1500 cities worldwide. Their big data + AI platform knows the answers to the questions “how many people are in each city and what are their movement patterns”. They curate daily, fresh, accurate, and anonymized data for Singapore and every city across Southeast Asia, with historical archives for time-series multi-year trends. Their mission is to make cities around the world smarter, safer, equitable, and resilient.

CITYDATA fuses crowdsourced mobility data with city-owned datasets and IoT sensor data streams, to infer the hourly and daily presence, density, and movement insights. Their platform transforms data into digital replicas or large-scale agent-based simulations of cities with a focus on mobility patterns. Their data insights are used to solve real-world problems for local municipalities, transportation and mobility operators, energy companies, government agencies, infrastructure firms, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and enterprise businesses. And they do all this with the highest attention to local and regional privacy laws and regulations.

CITYDATA’s typical use cases include:


How many people visit the Downtown Core every day? What sub-zones do they come from? Is it possible to simulate the movement of people across Singapore at full scale to match ground truth data like transit counts and traffic sensor counts?


How many people visit parks and open spaces? What neighbourhoods do they originate from?


How many people visit the hawker centres or food courts? What are the trends over 3 years?


How many people might use eVTOL aircraft for quick flights? What are the likely flight routes? Where should the vertiports be located? What would a full-scale simulation of the UAM operation look like for major cities in SEA?


How are people impacted by earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and natural or human-caused disasters? What were people’s movement patterns before, during, and after such incidents? Infographic (2.49MB)

Last updated on: 05 Dec 2022

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