Category: Media Tech
Sub category: Ad Tech

Creadits is the world’s leading AI-powered marketplace for advertising talent, using a unified currency. By infusing machine learning into its platform, it makes creative production more cost-effective, efficient and flexible on a global scale.

Under this subscription model, an advertiser gets a number of creative credits (i.e. Creadits) every month. These Creadits can be exchanged for ad creatives in any digital ad format, including images, videos and HTML5 playables, across multiple platforms and on a strict delivery schedule.

Creadits’ AI-powered Video Summarizer analyzes each frame of a video ad and smartly shaves off less important ones to create concise yet impactful versions. All in 30 minutes. The solution also helps with the multiple sizes that some advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, requires. With Creadits’ AI-powered Creative Reformatter, it only takes 30 minutes to tap on all available display inventory.

Last updated on: 26 Oct 2022

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