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Website: www.engagerocket.co
Contact: Dorothy Yiu
Tel: 9642 2120
Email: dorothy@engagerocket.co

EngageRocket is APAC's fastest-growing employee experience technology provider that empowers companies to enable human connections at scale. EngageRocket automates employee feedback and analytics to deliver management powerful insight that improves employee engagement and performance. The company has now analysed more than ten million responses across 14 countries and 20 industries, including from companies like NTUC Health, StarHub, Love Bonito, CrimsonLogic and Epson use EngageRocket to drive sustainable people and business outcomes with relevant and timely people-insights.

Through unpredictable crises, cultural change, organisational transformation, mergers and acquisitions and other key events, companies use EngageRocket to analyse and act on employee feedback. EngageRocket serves as an early warning system for talent disengagement. Organisations use EngageRocket to help their employees:

  • Belong by tracking and improving employee engagement at all stages of the employee journey, from onboarding to separation, through automated employee lifecycle surveys and user-friendly real-time dashboards.
  • Grow by identifying the competency and skill gaps to grow your talents through 360 feedback review and peer evaluations
  • Act by empowering managers and leaders with personalised action suggestions based on employee experience data, and enabling HR to track progress using real-time dashboards.
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Last updated on: 03 Mar 2023

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