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Contact: Steve Marsh
Tel: +65 8162 8799

GeoSpock enables data fusion for the connected world with GeoSpock DB – the space-time analytics database. GeoSpock DB is a unique, cloud-native database optimised for querying for real-world use cases, able to fuse multiple sources of Internet of Things (IoT) data together to unlock its full value, whilst simultaneously reducing complexity and cost.

GeoSpock DB enables efficient storage, data fusion, and rapid programmatic access to data, and allows you to run ANSI SQL queries and connect to standard analytics tools via flexible JDBC/ODBC connectors.

Users are able to perform deep analysis and share insights using familiar toolsets, with plug and play support for common BI tools (such as Tableau™, Amazon QuickSight™, and Microsoft Power BI™), and Data Science and Machine Learning environments (including Python Notebooks and Apache Spark). The database can also be integrated with proprietary applications, web services, and internal tools – with compatibility for open-source and customisable visualisation libraries such as Kepler and Cesium.js.

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Last updated on: 14 Nov 2022

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