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Website: http://www.simpple.ai
Contact: Alexus Goh
Tel: 8228 4110
Email: alexus@simpple.ai or hello@simpple.ai

Integrated Facilities Services and Consulting, or more commonly known as IFSC in short, is an advanced technology solution provider in the emerging property-technology (PropTech) industry. The mission of the Company is to help facility owners and managers manage their facilities autonomously while championing Smart Building Automation.

Founded in 2016, the Company has developed its proprietary ecosystem solution built for properties to support areas such as building maintenance, security surveillance and janitorial services. Through its technology suite – the SIMPPLE Ecosystem, IFSC delivers an integrated solution that enables Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, robotics, and the workforce to be connected and operated seamlessly all on a single unified software system. Specific to SIMPPLE Software, it is able to analyse and visualise information gathered across the facility and workforce, providing a real-time overview to facility managers and site supervisors.

Over time, it is able to generate insights and predict trends through Big Data analysis and machine learning algorithms that can alter the facility operations. In the same vein of innovation within the facilities management space, IFSC is commercialising the next-generation facilities management Autonomic Intelligence Engine – SIMPPLE AI, which leverages capabilities in computer vision and artificial intelligence to automate workflows and position buildings to be future-ready equipped with new technologies. Committed to a partnership ethos, IFSC believes the SIMPPLE Ecosystem can achieve more with domain expert partners in the various segments of facilities management. With a vision to enable Smart Building Automation, the Company aims to create an impact in the real estate industry one building at a time.

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