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Contact: Gary Gan
Tel: 9792 4393

Category: Data Analytics / Artificial Intelligence
Sub-category: HR Tech

JobKred is a digital workforce and skills development platform that helps individuals and organisations stay relevant and future-ready for the rapid changes in today’s economy.

Using Big Data and AI, JobKred scans online labour market information to decode the relationships between jobs and skills and understand the latest developments in the world of work.

With this information, JobKred provides both local and global businesses and enterprises with a workforce transformation platform. Using the digital platform, business leaders can identify future-ready skills and create dynamic competency frameworks to guide their employees’ personal development.

They can also get a real-time pulse on the skills inventory of the organisation’s talent pool and empower their employees with AI recommendations to personalise their learning and receive career recommendations.

Saving up to 95 per cent of the time and cost that traditional approaches take, enterprises can get started on transforming and future-proofing their people and company in as little as a week.

JobKred has played a role on the national stage as the intelligence behind Singapore’s national jobs portal, Internationally, JobKred has worked with UNESCO, World Bank and the Asian Development Bank to conduct labour market research projects using its technologies, with the results aiding the policy-making processes in various countries for higher education, vocational education and lifelong learning.

Last updated on: 03 Mar 2023

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