Silver Wings Product

Contact Person: Olaf Kwakman
Tel: 9822 1461

Silver Wings XR is a Singapore based company with a wealth of experience in Immersive Technologies (AR/ VR/ MR / Holographics / Metaverse), serving clients like Singapore Airlines, Mediacorp, Tata Technologies, SAP and many more, providing end-to-end solutions in 3D visualisation. 

All this experience has triggered them to create a scalable metaverse platform which allows them to implement solutions for their clients much faster. The platform facilitates real-time avatar-based virtual collaboration in 3D spaces, with multiple people and multiple data sources. A platform where their clients can share ideas, absorb content, discuss, innovate, solve problems and showcase capabilities to their clients.

The 3D avatar-based platform is accessible via laptop, desktop and mobile, as well as VR Headset. There is no need to download any software, users simply need a link to access the complete features infrastructure. The platform serves a wide range of use-cases. Content customisation can be organised efficiently for each client.

A few examples of use cases powered by Silver Wings SPACES include:

  • Digital War Room (Project Control Room)
  • 3D product showroom
  • Team collaboration
  • HR onboarding
  • Virtual office

Please feel free to contact for a free demo!

Silver Wings XR Infographic (803.32KB)

CTA Image - IMDA Spark

Silver Wings XR's Use Case

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Last updated on: 05 Dec 2022

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