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Partner - Fortanix


Contact person: Paul McClure


Category: Cybersecurity

Sub-category: AI Security

Data is on the move and traversing multiple private, public, and hybrid clouds, requiring a new approach to that protects the privacy of data regardless of its location. In this new cloud-first world, the majority of all business data will be in the cloud by 2025 and 71% of that data is sensitive. Data and the trust boundaries around data are now the new perimeter around which businesses need to build their defences. To accomplish this, data security needs to be pervasive and dynamic, encompassing all sensitive data, supporting multiple clouds, and making it easy for developers to build data security into applications and systems.

Fortanix is a data-first multicloud security company. With Fortanix, organisations gain the freedom to accelerate their digital transformation, combine and analyse private data, and deliver secure applications that protect the privacy of the people they serve. Fortanix decouples security from infrastructure – security becomes a property of the data itself. As data is used and moves from one cloud instance to another, from one software stack to another, from one network to another, the security policies travel with the data and keep it secure. Data remains secure on-premises, it remains secure in public cloud and it remains secure everywhere in between. Providing pervasive security that travels with the data means that organizations are no longer constrained by geography, cloud provider, and privacy requirements.

Data-centric security demands a new approach. Fortanix created a new technology, Runtime Encryption, that makes it possible to decouple security from the infrastructure. With Runtime Encryption, compromised credentials, unmitigated vulnerabilities, and network intruders no longer threaten critical data. Today, this technology has evolved into a revolution of sorts – Confidential Computing – that is recognized by Gartner, Forrester, and the largest cloud and technology companies.

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