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IMDA Spark Companies’ Use Case

You can explore some of the innovative use cases deployed by IMDA Spark companies.

Use cases

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IMDA Spark Programme: Dashboard analytics and real-time location monitoring with Ailytics's solution at Jurong Innovation Distract's site

Use case 1: China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co - Singapore

China Construction is the largest building contractor in Singapore and they are currently building a portion of the future Jurong Innovation Distract. The project is a massive 600-hectare development comprising four industrial buildings will help push Singapore to the forefront of advanced manufacturing globally. 

Ailytics' solution is currently being used to aid in the detection of 3 critical hazardous scenarios, workers near an open edge, under lifted loads, and in the proximity of operating heavy machinery which are also the top 3 causes of major accidents or fatalities at construction sites globally. Their solution tapped into the existing camera infrastructure that was already present at the construction site and went fully live just within 2 weeks. 

The solution has enabled them to pick up 7x more hazards and also run round-the-clock, sending alerts to the team even when they are not at the site. Ailytics has over 30+ users monitoring, tagging, following up with subcontractors, and reporting the hazards and undesirable behaviour detected from their system.


Does Meritocracy works in Singapore?

Use case 1: The case of Meritocracy for Singapore

OPPi wants to know if Meritocracy still works for Singapore in today's context. To do that, OPPi conducted a survey of 2000 Singaporean respondents to gain insights into the nation’s meritocratic system and what people desire from it's leader. Read more here -

Working with organisations to tackle substainability issues

Use case 2: Working with organisations to tackle sustainability issues

OPPi worked with SG Green Groups Town Hall to engage with the local community of environmental activists to find out what they thought about the proposed plan. We ran a total of two OPPi crowdsourcing campaigns — one on climate and biodiversity budget cuts among 58 participants, and another on the 2021 Committee of Supply (COS) Debate among 41 participants — across the span of a month, and uncovered some intriguing points of conversation.

Read more here -

Cyber Sierra

Use case 1: Managing third party risk - Global bank in Singapore

A global bank’s information security team in Singapore is responsible for managing the cyber risk posed by vendors. They conduct an assessment process through a manual system of sending a set of excel based risk questions to the vendor and getting the responses evaluated by a 3rd party auditor. This process is cumbersome, since the evidence provided for various questions is always limited to that point in time.

With SaaS vendors storing confidential information on the SaaS vendors systems, the manual point in time checks lose effectiveness over time. Conducting these manual assessments more frequently than once a year also becomes a tedious effort.

The Cyber Sierra platform transformed this process in three different ways:

  1. Converted existing steps into a digital process - enabling responses and evidence collection in real time, eradicating various inefficiencies such as - ‘emails with excel attachments’ and ‘comments over comments in a single excel cell’.
  2. Digitised the information gathering through SAAS integrations - creating a data backed evidence collection process, which also enables conducting multiple assessments in a matter of a few minutes rather than weeks of effort.
  3. Uplifting the vendor ecosystem - by providing the other functionalities in the platform such as policy management, composite scanners and counter phishing to the vendors, free of cost during the assessment process, for them to improve their cyber posture.

Use case 2: GRC platform - Large fintech in India

A large fintech in India has to conduct yearly audits to be compliant with the central bank’s regulatory requirements. This includes monitoring the controls put in place by the company in line with the regulatory requirements. This process was done across multiple systems such as Google docs, Gdrive and Gmail. The Cyber Sierra platform helped the company bring all of these together in one place:

  1. Continuous Controls Monitoring - through integrations with multiple systems on the company’s end, the Cyber Sierra platform provides the technical management team a single pane of view.
  2. Governance - a single place to manage, edit policies, store audit trails and evidence, streamlining semi annual audit processes.
  3. Vulnerability management - using Cyber Sierra’s code repository and cloud scanners, the company is able to inculcate a secure development lifecycle, whereby vulnerabilities are proactively found in the code before they reach deployment.

IMDA Spark Programme: Obayashi Group construction team using DataMesh Director for railway construction planning

Use case 1: Construction planning

In the construction industry, the construction team of Obayashi Group, the largest contractor in Japan, uses DataMesh Director to help railway construction and planning to improve the efficiency of the construction process on the project site. At present, dozens of Japanese contractors have adopted DataMesh products.

IMDA Spark Programme: DataMesh FactVerse in action at Asia's largest logistics airport, simulating a plane about to take off

Use case 2: Virtual facilities operation

Asia's largest logistics airport uses DataMesh FactVerse to import BIM data to realise a full set of air traffic control system simulations and a wide range of scenarios such as planning, training, and management.


Use case 1: Bank Raya

Bank Raya, a prominent banking institution in Indonesia, faced two key challenges: First, expanding their customer base, and second, enhancing their growing reputation. Compounding these challenges was a backdrop of soaring costs, primarily due to data breaches; a rapidly growing Gig Economy, projected to grow to a market size of $314 billion by 2025; and recently diversifying their portfolio into Internet banking, mobile banking, e-wallet, etc. (and entering into partnerships with various fintech companies). The only way they could overcome these challenges and achieve their goals was by securing their entire application portfolio.

With everything moving online (and especially in Indonesia’s Gig Economy), customer experience, trust, and secure applications are intertwined, inseparable, and vitally important. GuardRails provides end-to-end security and by focusing on developer efficiency helps identify and remediate vulnerabilities early. This proactive and automated approach not only helped Bank Raya realize a 50% reduction in penetration testing results within six months, but also saved them time and costs, led to heightened developer code security awareness and productivity increases, and ensured faster deployment of better and more secure software. With GuardRails in place, their application portfolio, and their customer base secure, eyes are firmly fixed on a bright future.

Use case 2: Multisys

A leading digital platforms and solutions provider based in the Philippines, the major challenge for Multisys Technologies Corporation (Multisys) was code security. Having developed their own secure-by-design and rapid development tool—a tool that allowed them to develop and deploy platforms quickly and accurately—bug- and risk-free software was of heightened importance for Multisys. Moreover, accidentally committing vulnerable code not only conflicted with their core secure-by-design approach but also impacted the productivity and security of their fast-phase development processes and had business risk and compliance implications.

GuardRails helped Multisys to identify critical vulnerabilities and to ensure code security, Moreover, because GuardRails deploys and is working within minutes, their development teams saw rapid and significant improvements. By scanning for code changes on every commit or Pull Request and notifying developers to remediate their mistakes as they occur, the risk of developers accidentally committing medium or high-vulnerability code has been drastically reduced. Not only has this addressed common and frequent problems such as avoiding hardcoded credential issues but also by providing in-workflow training on how to fix vulnerabilities, Multisys’ development coding practices and times have improved, they can easily identify code-level security risks, and can maintain compliance with organizational security requirements.


Use case 1: Empower SIM's career development office

Kinobi partnered with the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) to revolutionize student success with a cutting-edge career portal. By implementing Kinobi's career management system, SIM gained access to a powerful platform that simplified the task of the career development office and empowered students with comprehensive career preparation tools.

The career portal enabled SIM’s students to create professional resumes that showcased their skills and accomplishments effectively. Furthermore, it facilitated seamless connections between students and a diverse array of internships and job opportunities, empowering them to take charge of their future. SIM’s career development office also can effortlessly manage its corporate partners and effortlessly monitor all student internship activities on a singular, streamlined platform with Kinobi. Additionally, Kinobi offers a cutting-edge virtual career fair system to bolster SIM's support offerings. As the result, SIM saw more active engagement with 1,200+ students participating. SIM also managed 80+ companies participating and over 400 jobs being posted.

By embracing this comprehensive approach to holistic education, SIM not only strengthened its students' employability but also fortified its position as a forward-thinking institution committed to student success.

Use case 2: Support young NTUC with mentoring system

In collaboration with the Young National Trade Union Congress (Young NTUC) of Singapore, Kinobi introduced a transformative coach and mentoring management system designed to empower students and aspiring youths. By leveraging Kinobi's coach and mentoring management system, Young NTUC facilitated meaningful connections between students and experienced mentors who shared relevant expertise in their respective fields. Determining the most suitable mentor and booking sessions becomes easier and seamless.

This innovative platform enabled mentees to access invaluable guidance, advice, and insights, fueling their personal and professional growth. The system's user-friendly interface and intelligent matching algorithms ensured that mentees were paired with mentors best suited to address their unique aspirations and challenges. As a result, young individuals within the NTUC network felt inspired and supported, gaining confidence in their abilities to excel in their chosen paths. Through this initiative, Young NTUC solidified its commitment to nurturing the next generation of talents and fostering a vibrant community of knowledge-sharing and growth.


IMDA Spark Programme: Hands typing on a keyboard with a globe overlay, representing the utilisation of AI & analytics engine

Use case 1: Using the AI & analytics engine to develop, deploy and continuously improve ML models that identify persons & posts of relevance to cybersecurity

PI.EXCHANGE partnered with a Cyber Intelligence Analysis firm (WorldStack) to power their cyber surveillance and intelligence platform with predictive insights. The machine learning solution was developed with the AI & Analytics Engine and automatically analysed large volumes of cyber surveillance data as well as predicted, identified and triaged potential "matters & persons of interest" in relation to potential malicious intent over time.

The Client was able to see demonstrable value in quickly modelling historical labelled data, and deploying to production a fully integrated prediction API with continuous learning capability in 10 days.

Read more on PI.EXCHANGE website

IMDA Spark Programme: Cargo ships at sea, representing PI.EXCHANGE's resource-efficient solution and the AI & Analytics Engine

Use case 2: Helping a logistics provider implement a machine learning solution to improve accuracy & timeliness of demand insights with the engine

Golden Agri, an intermodal maritime logistics company wanted to use predictive modelling to improve the speed and accuracy of forecasting demand. PI.EXCHANGE presented a resource-efficient solution to predict the itinerary of competitors vessels and time at port using historical data and the AI & Analytics Engine. This enabled a better understanding of the short term fluctuations in global vessel movements so that the client could predict demand and coordinate their fleet for maximum asset and capacity utilisation with minimal idle time.

Read more on PI.EXCHANGE website

Silver Wings XR

IMDA Spark Programme: A virtual map of NUS Mediverse

Use case 1: NUS Mediverse

A Metaverse solution for prospective students to experience NUS Medicine's offering in an amazing, engaging and interactive 3D way.

Roam around and explore the 3D spaces within the NUS Mediverse. Silver Wings XR aims to deepen NUS Medicine's relationship with students and foster a sense of community amongst students through personal sharing and networking with peers/faculty/staff.

The experience starts with an instant wow; a futuristic 3D campus, where students can select their favorite zone to enter.

Once inside the 3D zones, as avatars, the students can interact (talk / chat-message) with each other or with NUS representatives and they can interact with a large quantity of content. There are videos, images, links to websites and 360 images. The spatial sound makes the experience even more realistic. And multiple people can watch videos together.

The NUS Mediverse, which runs for a full calendar year, is part of the prospective student experience journey. 

With this experience, they want to co-create an innovative yet deeply human experience that will leave an unforgettable impression on prospective NUS Medicine students.

They invite you to go to and experience the metaverse yourself.


Use case 1: Global Beauty Inc

Global brand owner (“Global Beauty Inc.”) was struggling with demand planning and operational inefficiencies. Manual generation and updates of forecasts caused delays and inaccuracies, driven by human errors and poor collaboration between business units that resulted in sub-optimal decision making. Additionally, replenishment planning from and to warehouses, as well as production planning at the contract manufacturer, were difficult to arrange for due to lead times and minimum order quantities constraints.

To address these issues, Global Beauty Inc. sought to automate their forecasting and optimisation workflow to make better-informed decisions. Stemly focused on providing a solution that could facilitate both replenishment and production planning while considering multiple constraints provided by Global Beauty Inc. Stemly’s comprehensive Demand Planning solution leverage advanced machine learning techniques enabled the company to see improvements in forecast accuracy and Stemly’s replenishment planning solution reduced inventory (30% reduction at branch warehouses) across Greater China, while maintaining the same service level. By automating the generation and update of forecasts, demand planners now have an accurate and timely view of changes in demand patterns, as well as improved operational efficiencies and service levels beyond what the company had initially expected.

Use case 2: Ace Supermart

Retail businesses often require efficient and highly accurate supply chain management. Regional retailer (“Ace Supermart”) faced lower forecast accuracy and out of stock situations and operational inefficiencies with their manual ordering system.

Ace Supermart aims to streamline their ordering process, eliminate human error, and ensure that the company meets the daily service level of goods being delivered to the stores at retail level as a centralized planning function. To achieve this, they focused on providing a fully automated replenishment system for Ace Supermart that manages the end-to-end fulfilment process for them.

Stemly’s comprehensive retail planning solution combined with advanced algorithms, helped to improve forecast accuracy, reduced inventory levels, lower stock-outs, and improved inventory turnover metrics. Ace Supermart saw a significant 5 to 10% improvement in their service levels, as well as achieving forecast accuracy of up to 97% for their products at the SKU level.

The Grid

Use case 1:

Founded in 2004, AXTRO has grown significantly by diversifying into sporting goods and consumer electronics. However, the challenge of sustainable client acquisition costs remained. The GM, Jeremy Low, struggled with the skyrocketing cost per lead through Google Adwords, sparking a search for alternatives. On discovering The Grid, an advanced Sales Intelligence software, Jeremy realized its potential for AXTRO.

The Grid offered AXTRO detailed segmentation and prospect discovery options that matched their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Alongside an email automation tool, Jeremy used information from The Grid to create targeted email campaigns, boosting response rates and optimizing the sales process.

Switching to The Grid resulted in a five-fold increase in sales appointments and doubled the email open rates. Quality of leads improved significantly, and AXTRO gained more control over lead profiles, allowing them to abandon Google AdWords completely. Relying solely on The Grid, the cost-effective platform facilitated efficient lead generation, with closed sales from The Grid recouping the cost many times over. AXTRO’s ROI increased to an impressive 75x, cementing The Grid's efficacy as a lead generation solution.

Use case 2:

Aspire, an award-winning fintech company, provides an all-in-one finance operating system for over 10,000 new-age businesses in Southeast Asia. However, their Sales Development Team faced a challenge: the global Sales Intelligence software they used for sales prospecting didn't sufficiently cover local SMEs. This gap in their strategy led them to The Grid, a Sales Intelligence software with superior local market coverage.

The team sought to reach prospects that mirrored the profiles of their successful customers. They upgraded from The Grid's entry-level plan to the corporate subscription for greater tool utilization. The Grid’s comprehensive local data and powerful search function made prospect discovery a seamless process, saving substantial time in generating a target list of prospects.

As a result, The Grid saved Aspire 600 man-hours per year, significantly improving their sales operations efficiency. This enhancement will become even more impactful given Aspire's rapid growth and expansion, which has seen them grow to over 400 employees in just four years. As they expand in Southeast Asia, The Grid's regional coverage aligns with their business objectives, supporting their go-to-market strategy, demonstrating the need for region-specific tools for market share growth.


IMDA Spark Programme: VIATICK's AI signals tracking engine integrated into Samsung S3 Gear, prompting engineers when entering unauthorised

Use case 1: Samsung, Thales, SMRT

In view of the accidents that happened within work environments, particularly in industries where engineers/work site operators needed to be tracked for overall safety benchmarking, VIATICK and Samsung partnered to merge active tracking that can be used both outdoors and indoors.

In a pilot with Thales and SMRT to enable real time tracking of engineers within the railway tunnel, VIATICK integrated its AI signals tracking engine into the Samsung S3 Gear, where the smart watch will prompt an engineer when he wanders into an unauthorised area/ dangerous area with live currents not switched off on the tracks.

Engineers were able to use quick commands on the smart watch to respond back to a command platform that displays the statuses of the Engineers. This was the first time where indoor tracking via Bluetooth has been executed and seen live, within the railway tunnels in Singapore.

IMDA Spark Programme: VIATICK's central platform enables live control and oversight of all passenger-crew interactions on World Dream Cruise

Use case 2: World Dream Cruise

VIATICK’s technology was used to enable the automatic attestation of assurance, where active tracking of all personnel (passengers and crew) on a cruise ship is constantly being done through multi purpose wearables.

One of the main criteria that The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of different countries expect from Cruise ships that are sailing in and out of the different berths, before allowing a passenger sail, is the ability to track down and isolate the people of interests that are in close contact with a suspected case.

Through VIATICK, World Dream Cruise was able to have a central platform that has live control and oversight of all interactions between passengers and crew. Data collection and processing was done through VIATICK’s AI engine that sorts, filters, and enables immediate identification of “at-risk” persons of interests without having to isolate the whole cruise.

In addition, movement tracking data of all personnel was used to actively perform capacity management and historical movement logging to provide business insights that were difficult to consolidate prior.

The scalability of what VIATICK’s core technology provided also enabled World Dream Cruise to look at the possibility of combining other IoT and business data points seamlessly; something that has been traditionally difficult to achieve in the IoT world that is often mired with high infrastructure cost and difficult integration paths.

Note that the listed use cases are updated regularly.


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