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Contact person: Shaun Cotter

PI.EXCHANGE, a deep-tech company that is part of the IMDA Spark Programme, is making AI more accessible to everyone by leveraging data. Through accessible AI, PI.EXCHANGE helps those with great ideas innovate, and put the power of AI into the hands of business users.

PI.EXCHANGE delivers accessible AI through its flagship product, the AI & Analytics Engine (the Engine). The Engine is a SaaS (deployable to all cloud environments and on-premises), enabling the rapid creation and productionisation of machine learning applications.

“The power of the Engine isn’t just in its ability to create high-quality predictive models, it’s in its ability to get you up and running and evaluating results in minutes, not weeks."
- Chris Hall, Founder, Wine Grounds

Geared to accessibility, the Engine provides a simplified and connected ML pipeline guiding users through data preparation and wrangling, feature selection, model selection & training, and deployment. The Engine empowers everyone - regardless of their skills or background - to build high-performance machine learning applications in minutes - no data scientists or coding required.

Whether you are looking to supercharge your data or engineering teams by reducing time on low-value manual tasks with a collaborative AutoML workflow or; Empower analysts and business users with a no-code ML minus the steep learning curve - the Engine helps you overcome the data skills shortage and costly, slow time-to-value AI projects - so you can build a competitive edge with data today. 

Notable AI digital solutions include:

  • Leveraging your manufacturing data to build predictive maintenance strategies
  • Using ML to predict the likelihood a customer will churn
  • Predict online fraudulent transactions and reduce false positives and;
  • Optimise logistics decision making with predictions on delays

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PI.Exchange's Use Case

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