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PIXEL is IMDA’s 28k sqft innovation space in Singapore for corporates and start-ups to learn about the latest technology and ideate, experiment, and build user-centric digital products. We are focused on the areas of AR/VR, AI/Data, the Internet of Things, and 5G. Located in Singapore’s One-North innovation district, PIXEL brings together the ecosystem of start-ups, corporates, government, ecosystem partners, and global players to expand their growth opportunities.

PIXEL provides support in the following ways:

Access to Facilities and Equipment

PIXEL offers start-ups and corporates innovative co-working spaces, AR/VR labs (e.g. Oculus and Hololens), one of Singapore’s four 5G test beds, a usability testing lab, and prototyping spaces.

A view of IMDA's PIXEL prototyping lab with various equipment visible on tables, highlighting the innovative space development capabilities

Prototyping Lab

Woman in VR headset enjoying a game at IMDA's PIXEL AR/VR lab, highlighting Singapore's innovative technology space


A room divider separates a space featuring whiteboards, a desk, and chairs in IMDA's PIXEL UI/UX lab


A videographer filming a man at IMDA's PIXEL studio under its production facilities

Production Facilities

IMDA's PIXEL co-working spaces for start-ups and corporates

Co-working spaces

Event space with chairs set up for meetings at IMDA's PIXEL, showcasing the innovative space's adaptability

Meeting and Events Area

Build User-Centric Products

PIXEL provides complimentary consultancy support in Design Thinking, User Interface/ User Experience (UI/ UX) and Digital Storytelling to innovate on your product. We also host regular workshops for the innovation community to learn and network. Companies keen to dive deeper can apply for PIXEL’s project-based coaching. These sessions are subsidised for up to 70% (SMEs) and up to 50% (non-SMEs), capped at S$70k.

Connect with Local Ecosystem

PIXEL brings together the innovation community of corporates, start-ups, and industry partners. We organise informational events to learn about the latest technologies and networking sessions, encouraging partnerships, and proliferate innovation. PIXEL has established partnerships with partners such as Meta, Amazon Web Services, Nvidia, and Epic Games to connect start-ups with their expertise.

Who can apply?

For Corporates and Start-ups

  • Incubation, innovative co-working spaces, specialised Labs

Check out PIXEL’s full range of facilities such as AR/VR lab, Usability Testing lab, 5G testbed, innovative co-working space and more!

  • Innovation events and workshops

Be invited to the latest workshops and webinars. Join our mailing list.

  • Project-based coaching

Find out how you can tap on our 1-to-1 consultation sessions and Project-based coaching with an expert to have a practical and experiential understanding of Design Thinking, UIUX, or Digital Storytelling principles and help you develop customer-centric digital products and services.

Visit PIXEL’s website.

For Partnerships:

We have hosted a range of corporate partners who contribute to the innovation ecosystem through innovation and acceleration programmes, or access to infrastructure and network support. Reach out at

Application requirements

  • Singapore-registered company with ACRA and operating in Singapore
  • For project-based coaching, applicants will have to meet the following additional criteria:
    • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholdings (for SMEs)
    • Be in a financially viable position to start and complete the innovation project


Email for further enquiries.


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