The advent and adoption of disruptive technologies has revolutionised the global economy, leading to digital transformation that has reshaped business models and created new possibilities for our businesses to increase productivity, achieve greater scale and generate new streams of earnings. Against this backdrop, Singapore must prepare our businesses, workers and people for the digital economy that is upon us. Aligned with our Digital Economy vision, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has been working towards building a competitive Infocomm and Media industry that can underpin the nation’s drive towards digital transformation.

The IMDA Spark Programme is aimed at addressing the key challenges and supporting the growth of promising Singapore-based ICM startups through selected Government tools as well as creation of a vibrant, collaborative ecosystem and network. The 3 key objectives are:

Uplifting the capabilities and supporting the initial growth of promising ICM start-ups and companies through a hybrid of Government grant tools and support from leading industry community partners;


Providing opportunities for promising enterprise tech start-ups to pitch and build initial reference customers in Singapore leveraging Government demand;


Building a vibrant Singapore ICM community and network that promotes problem-solving and collaboration with peers and ecosystem partners to drive the growth of Singapore’s ICM ecosystem.


IMDA will be leveraging SGTech and leading Singapore-based Venture Capitalist firms to search and identify promising Singapore-based ICM startups and companies to grow through IMDA Spark. Currently, these nominating partners include:

Vertex Ventures
Singtel Innov 8
Golden Gate Ventures
Jungle Ventures
Wavemaker Logo
Capgemini AIE

Programme Benefits

Besides having industry support, IMDA will make available selected Government tools and grants to support the growth of the companies enrolled under IMDA Spark:

  • Companies enrolled into IMDA Spark will be provided priority processing of grant1 applications by IMDA
  • Fast growing companies which are looking to rapidly scale their operations will be provided assistance by IMDA in their talent recruitment

Companies enrolled into IMDA Spark will also have access to various community events / masterclasses as well as network of reputable Professional Services firms, industry mentors and like-minded peers to build the capabilities of these younger companies and assist them in their growth challenges.

SGD Spark

How to Apply?

Interested companies can find out more in our Guidelines (446.90KB) and Terms & Conditions (472.14KB)


For clarifications or to find out more details on the programme, please contact SGD_SPARK@imda.gov.sg

1 Applicable from Q1/Q2 2019 and limited to selected capabilities development grants offered by Enterprise Singapore only.

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