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Contact: Anil Singh
Tel: 9897 2614

Category: Data Analytics / Artificial Intelligence
Sub category: Machine Learning Platform

SparkBeyond empowers organizations to solve their most complex challenges.

The problem solving platform is designed to tackle the cognitive bottleneck and bias inherent in human thinking, augment data with a multitude of external data sources, and enable adaptive AI systems ready for today’s dynamic world. The platform discovers complex patterns, identifies root causes and drivers of business outcomes.

SparkBeyond harnesses humanity’s collective intelligence to generate millions of ideas in minutes and empowers organizations with strategic and operational intelligence for maximal impact.

Founded in 2013, the company has rapidly expanded its global footprint with offices in New York, London, Israel, Singapore and Melbourne. Leading Fortune 500 companies partner with SparkBeyond across a broad range of verticals, including Insurance, Finance, Pharmaceutical, Life-Sciences, CPG and Retail.

SparkBeyond has generated over $1 billion in impact for clients and partners, across 20+ industries. Solutions include optimizing clinical trials, increasing crop yield and fighting fraud. Other use cases range from enabling automated underwriting, boosting supply chain and logistic efficiency, store location optimization, and increasing customer lifetime value. SparkBeyond's technology also powers AI-augmented strategy for product novelty and whitespace innovation.

SparkBeyond’s groundbreaking AI technology and methodology empowers market leaders worldwide with the right skills to independently use the platform at scale. Rather than predict the future, SparkBeyond enables organizations to shape their future. The problem solving platform is adaptive and dynamic, so generated insights are constantly being converted into actions and impact. All the while, SparkBeyond is on hand to provide support whenever needed.

In addition to business impact, SparkBeyond is committed to generate social impact on a planetary scale, by pioneering novel approaches to discover early indicators of cancer, supporting demand for social housing and reducing violence in prisons.

Last updated on: 03 Mar 2023

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