Tictag Product 1

Website: www.tictag.io

Contact: Ryan Aeria 

Tel: +65 9299 1398

Email: tic@tictag.io

Tictag Product 2Tictag is a Singaporean startup solving data problems by adding human intelligence to data through gamified crowdsourcing. Data has little use without the right categories, labels, or annotations. Data science and AI teams everywhere struggle to get labeled data scalably and accurately. Tictag is the solution to the data problems of teams around the world. They support the growing AI industry by annotating and collecting highly accurate data via an innovative and efficient crowdsourced solution. They are trusted by companies because they invest as much time in their customers as they do in their projects.

Through their app (Tictag), people with skills from multiple domains and demographics are onboarded to Tictag as “Taggers”. With gamified training provided in-app, Taggers are able to tag data accurately in the form of micro-tasks, anytime, anywhere. 

When it comes to data annotation, they know that the three most important aspects are accuracy, speed, and reliability. Their strict quality control helps them ensure that the data is accurately labeled, leading to an average accuracy of 99.5%.  Plus, having a large community of taggers with multiple domain experts to label the data allows them to have a fast turnover time. They believe in communicating at every step of the way so that their clients can be well-informed.

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Last updated on: 03 Mar 2023

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