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Website: https://www.willowmore.com.sg/
Contact: Jaffry Ng
Tel: +65 9758 8758
Email: jaffry.ng@willowmore.com.sg

Category: IoT
Sub category: Access Control

Willowmore develops solutions that protects Critical Infrastructure – Keeping Singapore Safe. The IoT enabled solutions are designed to ensure security, traceability and automation. Examples of verticals where the solutions have been deployed: Utilities, Telecommunications, Data Centers and Secure installations.

The Enterprise Grade Hardware and Software Systems have been selected and deployed across APAC by leading Tower Companies, Telecoms Operator and Network Equipment Vendors.

The Suite of Smart locks and Software solutions used to secure Critical Infrastructure includes our Robust Enterprise Software WMSenseHub, Heavy Duty Smart Padlocks, Logistics Padlocks and Cabinet locks. These solutions are compatible with the Patented NB-IoT Gateway – this provides customers the option to operate a fully supervised system. Environmental sensors can also be added to enrich the site visibility.

The solution facilitates Automation, AI powered analytics, Traceability and Accountability. Willowmore supports our customers to digitalize their mechanical locks and enrich their visibility of:

  • Who has accessed their site
  • Why the access is required
  • When was the access
  • How long was the access
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Last updated on: 14 Nov 2022

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