Website: xjeralabs.com
Contact: Ethan Chu
Tel: 9386 0566
Email: ethan@xjeralabs.com

Category: Data Analytics / Artificial Intelligence
Sub category: Computer Vision

Xjera Labs’ expertise lies in its deep learning methodology, which is specifically designed to operate in complicated environments and challenging weather conditions. This helps it stand out as a company set on providing public safety and security to critical installations.

Xjera Labs’ advanced and cutting-edge video analytics has been recognized by numerous government agencies in Singapore. This includes IMDA, where Xjera Labs won 1st place in the inaugural Video Analytics Challenge 2015.

The company prides itself on its comprehensive portfolio of video analytics solutions in human, vehicle and object detection.

This, combined with a highly flexible architecture and ease of configuration, allows these solutions to be deployed across many different markets, while maintaining high accuracy, fast detection speed and cost-efficient use of hardware resources.

With a team of dedicated PhD scientists, dynamic staff and progressive thinking, Xjera continues to push current AI deep learning-based capabilities to new frontiers. The promise is to ensure a city’s infrastructure is safe and secure by translating surveillance videos into meaningful and actionable insights.

Last updated on: 03 Mar 2023

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