Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Chief Executive Officer Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore Speech - SCS Regional RosettaNet XML Services Centre Launch, Pan Pacific Hotel

Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Chief Executive Officer
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Speech - SCS Regional RosettaNet XML Services Centre Launch, Pan Pacific Hotel
Singapore, 24 July 2002

Good Afternoon,
Mr Stephen Yeo, President & CEO of Singapore Computer Systems,
Ms Natasha Kwan, Managing Director of Microsoft Singapore,
Ms S Y Foong, Vice President of RosettaNet Asia,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to be here today to witness the launch of the Regional RosettaNet XML Services Centre that has been jointly established by SCS and Microsoft.

More customers demand end-to-end e-Business solutions as part of their e-business strategy. For these solutions to be effective, one key factor is the ability for companies to exchange information quickly, efficiently and at low cost. RosettaNet is an open standards platform that offers high-tech product manufacturers a cost-effective and efficient way to participate in information and data exchange with their business partners.

IDA welcomes the efforts undertaken by SCS and Microsoft in launching this Centre. The Centre will help small and medium-sized Singapore companies that support these manufacturers to achieve a leaner and more responsive supply chain.

Manufacturing is a key economic sector in Singapore, accounting for some 25% of GDP. The sector's total output for 2001 was S$135 Billion, with more than 4,000 manufacturing companies employing over 340,000 workers. The high-tech cluster contributes almost 50% to this total manufacturing output.

For Singapore to remain a competitive manufacturing hub, our companies must harness infocomm technologies to offer global customers end-to-end solutions. The adoption of open standards will help to cut cost, increase productivity and improve efficiencies in supply and demand chain management.

RosettaNet was first introduced to Singapore in September 2000 when the IDA acted as a host organization to RosettaNet Global and subsequently assisted in the inception of a local RosettaNet chapter. In the past 2 years, IDA has actively worked with the RosettaNet Singapore Steering Committee to promote the awareness of the new standards to the Multinational companies and small and medium enterprises in Singapore.

IDA, in partnership with the industry players, launched a RosettaNet e-Learning Centre in August 2001 with the objective of accelerating the awareness and understanding of this new standard and its benefits. The e-learning centre was the first in the world for RosettaNet, and received full support from the RosettaNet Board and its CEO, Ms Jennifer Hamilton.

IDA is actively on the lookout for opportunities to help businesses use new technologies to enhance their e-business value creation. In December 2000, the E-Business Industry Development Scheme (or, EBIDS in short) was initiated. To-date, EBIDS has provided support in more than 30 projects across different industries. The estimated incremental online transaction value from these projects is more than S$1 billion. Of these, five are from the manufacturing sector for the implementation of supply chain management using RosettaNet standards.

The Hard-disk manufacturer, Seagate Technology, was one of the first to implement RosettaNet standards in Singapore. In July 2001, Seagate implemented the RosettaNet platform for its inventory management with 12 of its trading partners, many of whom are local small and medium sized enterprises. Using RosettaNet, the Seagate supply chain has reduced inventory-holding from fourteen to seven days. Using RosettaNet, Seagate suppliers have also reduced cost associated with data translation by more than 50%.

The IDA will continue to engage industry by seeking feedback and working on partnerships to further enhance the capabilities in the manufacturing sector. We believe that the appropriate Infocomm technologies, reinforced by the correct partnerships, are key to our local manufacturing sector remaining a key engine of growth for Singapore.

In closing, I wish SCS-Microsoft RosettaNet Regional XML Services Centre all the best in its future undertakings.

Thank you.

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