28 August 2007 - Speech By Ms Christina Gan, Senior Director, Infocomm Security And Manpower Development, Infocomm Development Authority Of Singapore At The Temasek Polytechnic Info Tech School's "Engage To Educate: Enabling Learning Through Interactive Digital Media" Seminar, Temasek Polytechnic.

Speech By Ms Christina Gan, Senior Director, Infocomm Security And Manpower Development, Infocomm Development Authority Of Singapore As Guest-Of-Honour At The Temasek Polytechnic Info Tech School's "Engage To Educate: Enabling Learning Through Interactive Digital Media" Seminar on 28 August 2007, Temasek Polytechnic.

Ms Lim Sok Keow, Director, Temasek Info Tech School,
Principals, HODs and Teachers,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good afternoon.


1. In our recent Prime Minister's National Day Rally Speech, he mentioned that the emergence of new technologies is one of the biggest changes which will impact our future. He also said that we should take full advantage of the digital opportunities to prepare our young.

2. We are fortunate that Singapore has long recognised the importance of leveraging infocomm technologies for Education and Learning. I am sure all of you are familiar with MOE's IT Masterplans. I will not go into that today. But rather, I would like to share with you the benefits of developing relevant skills in interactive digital media or more commonly known as IDM, to actively engage learners of the future.

3. Today, our children are already living a digital lifestyle of work and play. So how can infocomm technologies help teachers in planning their syllabus and provide a more engaging learning experience for their students?

Infocomm in the Education and Learning Sector

4. With the explosion of advanced internet technology, there is an ever-increasing need to equip teachers with some of these skills. How will the knowledge of IDM technologies and tools come into play to create exciting content for learning? IDA currently works with over 150 schools to set up and manage infocomm clubs. Many of them are setting examples of how IDM technologies could be leveraged for relevant content creation and they come in the forms of 2D and 3D illustrations and modeling, visual effects and animation clips.

5. School assignments are now presented with an interesting twist. For example to promote the awareness of environmental responsibilities, the members of Bedok Green Primary School's Infocomm Club filmed short videos on anti-littering using animation software. These videos were edited and then shared with their fellow school mates. Using IDM to deliver the message has created greater awareness and impact among their peers. This is exactly how students can influence one another in learning through the use of infocomm. Your students will no longer be bounded by the classroom, they can form virtual online communities and exchange knowledge and collaborate with their peers.

6. Teachers too can guide their students by customising learning plans and resources, and using new assessment tools to monitor their progress. I was told that at Nan Hua High School, students are not restricted to laboratories and textbooks in the learning of science and language. With the help of IDM technologies like animation, the Infocomm Club members are able to simulate Physics and Chemistry experiments, explain scientific principles and impart knowledge on Chinese poems in the Chinese language curriculum. These animation clips are then made available to their fellow school mates via the school's e-learning portal.

7. The use of IDM at Raffles Institution has helped to bring learning and teaching beyond the classroom to the community. Its Infocomm Club members created interactive animation clips to help students from the Down Syndrome Association learn basic concepts of giving directions, etiquette and money. Through the use of short animation clips in this project, the RI students were able to have a hands-on application of their infocomm skills for a good cause.

8. We are seeing a greater emphasis on developing a spirit of creativity and innovation in our young learners, through engaging interactions between teachers and students. In order to further develop and sustain learning interests in schools, I strongly urge teachers and HODs to leverage on infocomm competencies to create an enriching learning experience.

9. I am pleased that Temasek Polytechnic is committed to developing the infocomm savviness among our educators. The Temasek Info Tech School will be offering a Specialist Diploma in Interactive Edutainment from January 2008. This course aims to equip teachers, content developers and other interested professionals from the sector with specialised knowledge and skill sets in interactive digital media and pedagogy practices to transform the teaching and learning experience. For those of you who are interested in this unique concept that combines both education and entertainment, I urge you not to miss this opportunity.


10. We have come a long way in exploiting IT and making it a pervasive part of our lives. It is critical that we do not rest on our laurels but continue to innovatively harness infocomm technologies to enhance our national capacity and competitiveness.

11. On this note, thank you for attending today's seminar. I wish everyone a rewarding time in leading Singapore's next generation to charge towards the digital future.

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