SBA International Advisory Programme - Media Charts New Directions for More Opportunities in Singapore's Media Industry

Dated: 17 June 2002

The Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA) organised the SBA International Advisory Programme - Media today at which key industry members and overseas experts met and discussed new directions and opportunities for media industry in Singapore.

The SBA IAP-Media involved more than 60 CEOs and key decision-makers from the public and private sectors who were consulted on the impact of global trends and the development of a creative media industry in Singapore. Through this event, SBA would gather views on developing the industry and these will be presented to the Services Subcommittee of Economic Review Committee. The SBA IAP-Media was chaired by Dr Tan Chin Nam, Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Information, Communications and the Arts (MITA), and the Chairman of SBA.

The entertainment and media industry currently contributes in excess of US$700 billion to the global economy and is forecast to grow at an average of seven per cent per year, with the highest growth rates expected in the Asia-Pacific region*.

To tap into new revenue streams and create more job opportunities, views from the IAP - Media will also be included in the Media 21, which is a blueprint for developing the media industry in Singapore currently being drawn up by SBA and the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MITA).

The contribution of ideas and views flowed freely throughout the IAP-Media, not only from all the participants, but also from four overseas Distinguished Advisors who were especially invited for the event. They were

  • Mr Raymond Chow, Chairman of Golden Harvest, and the international producer who made names like Bruce Lee, the Hui Brothers, and Jackie Chan superstars;

  • Dr Lee Yong-teh, Chairman of TriGem Computer, who contributed to the setting up Seoul's Digital Media City, and is largely credited for the development of Korea's information technology industry;

  • Mr Paul Saffo, Director and Roy Amara Fellow of the Institute for the Future in the US. Mr Saffo is a technology forecaster studying long-term information technology trends and their impact on business and society.

  • Mr Richard Taylor, Co-Founder, Director and Special Effects Designer of Weta Workshop. Mr Taylor has recently won two Oscars and two awards from the British Academy of Fine and Television Arts for contributing to the visual effects and make-up in the spectacular movie, "The Lord of the Rings".

In organising the IAP-Media, SBA is contributing to the Remaking of Singapore by embracing a new paradigm shift to look at the media industry as a national strategic resource made up of the nation's creative capacity, its emotional and social bonds to the country and community, as well as the people's knowledge of economy, society and world affairs.

SBA will also be adopting a holistic approach to develop the whole media ecosystem -- including film, broadcast, print and publishing - for the industry to become a strategic contributor of cultural capital in Singapore. Developmental efforts will be aimed at an entire range of processes ranging from content production and delivery, the education system, talent development, infrastructure and facilities, and media literacy. The initiatives will not only help raise standards across the industry and expectations among the public;they will also pave the way for new economic opportunities and job creation in innovative ventures to meet the demands for creative content and entertainment.

The feedback from the IAP-Media is timely and useful in view of the government's recent announcement on the setting up of the Media Development Authority (MDA) through the merging of SBA, the Films and Publications Department, and the Singapore Films Commission into a single statutory body. Once MDA comes into effect, it will be in a better position to promote the integrated growth of the media industry, working closely with other agencies to attract investment, events and activities to Singapore.

Source : Global Entertainment and Media Outlook, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 2001

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