Dated: 8 November 2002

The Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA) has commissioned two series entitled What's Your Case? and Beautiful Life to be aired from November 2002.


Beautiful Life

This is an eight-part series on women achievers who have excelled in various fields. A common denominator among them is that they had built their career from scratch and made a mark in life through sheer determination and hard work. The programme features re-enactment of these protagonists when they are young and how they strive for success;and takes a peek of them both at work and play. The women also share their recipe for success in the programme.


The eight women featured are: Celia Loe ( fashion designer and CEO of Celia Loe);Olivia Lum ( Group CEO of Hyflux Ltd);You Jin (author of more than 100 short essays, travelogues and novels);Doris Phua ( founder of Da Vinci Collection);Mayor Yu-Foo Yee Shoon (politician and first woman mayor in Singapore);Jocelyn Chng (Managing Director of Sin Hwa Dee Foodstuff Industries Pte Ltd);Liu Mei Zhen ( active community workers);and Goh Soo Khim (Artistic Director of Singapore Dance Theatre).


Ms Amy Chua, SBA's Director of Programmes said, "Every one of these ladies has achieved commendable success in their own right and we hope that they can also serve as role models to inspire others as well."


Mr Khiew Voon Kwang, Vice-President of Network Programming and Promotions 8, MediaCorp TV, said, "This is a very inspiring programme that will spur more Singaporean women to participate more actively in various aspects of the Singapore society."


The series will make its debut on Channel 8 every Saturday from 9 November to 28 December at 7pm. Commissioned by SBA at $200,000, the series is produced by Yellowstone Productions.


What's Your Case?

This 13-part series aims to enlighten viewers on their rights as consumers and customers through light-hearted re-enactments, and easy to understand advice from consultant Catherine Tay who graduated with a Master of Laws degree from University of London, Queen Mary College and an author of law books.


The different episodes will look at consumer rights in different activities like food and catering, travel, healthcare, shopping, property and e-commerce. With this series, viewers will learn useful consumer laws and be equipped with basic knowledge to handle future consumer situations.


Produced by local production house Big Communications Pte Ltd and commissioned by SBA at a cost of $260,000, the series will debut on Channel 5 every Friday from 15 November at 7pm.

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