Dated: 8 November 2003

The Media Development Authority (MDA) issued a licence today for the Body Worlds exhibition organised by Arts &Sciences (S) Pte Ltd.

Given the controversial nature of the exhibition, which displays human cadavers, the MDA consulted its advisory committees and spoke to various focus groups to gauge public sentiments about the exhibition. The majority of those consulted either supported the exhibition or felt that it should be left to individual choice. They felt however, that there should be some conditions laid down so that the public is aware of what the exhibition is about and steps are taken to forewarn those who may feel uncomfortable about the exhibition.

As a result of MDA's consultation process, it has advised the exhibitor to provide adequate information about the exhibition to alert visitors to the possibly disturbing nature of the exhibits;to carry advisories in its publicity materials;to require children below 12 years of age to be accompanied by an adult;and to provide clear and educational labelling for its exhibits, thus enhancing the educational value of the exhibition.

The MDA has informed the organiser about these conditions today.

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