Dated: 19 February 2003

The Media Development Authority (MDA) has commissioned two Mandarin series which will take viewers to the colourful streets in Singapore, and explore the rich and unique art and cultural scenes of five Asian countries.

Let's Take A Walk

The eight-part series will make its debut on 22 February on Ch U at 9pm, and subsequently on every Saturday. Commissioned by MDA at $160,000, the series is produced by an independent production house, Threesixzero Productions.

Let's Take A Walk will introduce the rich culture and history behind the streets and roads in Singapore. Viewers will find out the origins behind road names like Waterloo Street, Sims Avenue, Beach Road, Arab Street and Joo Chiat Road as they take a nostalgic trip down each street and road. The programmes will also highlight the unique occupations and businesses associated with the locations, as well as the famous names associated with the streets or roads.

Ms Amy Chua, MDA's Director of Media Content Division said, "Every street tells a unique story. Through the programme, viewers can get to know more about the streets that contribute to Singapore's rich culture and heritage."

Ms Lim Puay Keem, MediaWorks' Senior Vice-President of Chinese Media &Entertainment said, "Beyond the hustle and bustle of road traffic, you'd be surprised by the many hidden 'treasures' in every street. At any time, I can take a walk along, say Waterloo or Arab Street, and be amazed by how little I know of the people and history that give the character to these streets."

Arts Travellers

The 10-part arts series will make its debut on Channel 8 on 23 February at 2pm, and on every Sunday till 27 April. Commissioned at $250,000, the series is produced by The Moving Visuals Co Pte Ltd.

The series will bring viewers on an exciting journey to explore the rich and unique art and cultural scenes of five Asian countries, namely, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea and Hong Kong. Besides getting to know more about each country's arts theatres and performance groups, the programme will also unearth some of the disappearing art forms of indigenous tribal and minority groups.

The first episode brings viewers to Thailand where viewers will be introduced to the history behind the mask dance, its special costumes and unique music. The mystical art form behind the mural paintings in Thai temples will also be featured. In another episode, famous Taiwanese arts personalities are featured - Lin Huai Ming, choreographer of the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre;and Zu Ming, renowned stone and bronze sculptor. In the episode on Vietnam, viewers will get to know more about water puppets and discover Ca Tru, a traditional Vietnam performance. Finally in Hong Kong, viewers will visit the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts and learn more about Cantonese opera.

Ms Amy Chua, MDA's Director of Media Content Division said, "Through this programme, we hope to take viewers beyond Singapore to uncover the vibrant art and cultural scene in Asia. It will certainly be an enriching experience for all of us to find out more about the different art forms and cultures that are so special to each country."

Mr Khiew Voon Kwang, Vice-President of Network Programming and Promotions 8, MediaCorp TV, said, "Channel 8 is very honoured to work with MDA to develop this exciting series. As a cosmopolitan society, we are always curious about what happens around us outside Singapore. Channel 8 has done a lot in terms of food, travel and entertainment in the region. It is now timely for Channel 8 to update our viewers on the latest development in the arts scene outside Singapore."


Media Development Authority (MDA) was formed on 1 January 2003 from the merger of Singapore Broadcasting Authority, Films and Publications Department and Singapore Film Commission. As the promoter and regulator of the media industry, MDA will work towards developing a vibrant media industry in Singapore and nurturing a Creative Media and Connected Society.

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