Dated: 27 July 2004

The MDA has commissioned a light-hearted drama on the values of being good neighbours in a multi-racial community. Revolving around the lives of three modern-day families, the Hassans, Chans and Rajus, Tetangga (Neighbours) captures interesting and oft-times humorous moments when the neighbours quibble over the slightest matter. Set in an HDB heartland, watch how the neighbours, despite their idiosyncrasies and differences, eventually come to understand and embrace each other's culture.

From driving an expectant mother to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning to dispensing boy-girl relationship advice for the youngsters, to apprehending a burglar who has been terrorising the neighbourhood, discover how these families often go out of their way to help their friends in times of need.

The drama features a multi-racial cast which includes Suhaimi Yusoff (Police and Thief), Henry Heng (Ways of the Matriarch), Aarty Shammbasivan (Antha Naal - That Day), Malti Lalwani (First Touch) and popular Malaysian artiste Sheila Rusly. This four part drama, produced by Eaglevision Mediacorp TV12, will make its debut on Suria on Wednesday, 28 July 2004 at 9:30pm.

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