Dated: 1 December 2005

​The Media Development Authority of Singapore and Cubix International announced a S$30 million deal to co-produce a slate of five animated feature film projects. This followed Cubix International’s successful pre-launch of Singapore’s first 3D animated feature film –Zodiac, The Race Begins …”. The film, which has already been sold to 22 countries, will have its world premiere in Singapore across the island during the Lunar New Year period in January 2006.

Cubix International scored a double first in history as Singapore’s first 3D animated feature film and the world’s first 3D animated film on the Chinese Zodiac. It started with a simple dream and passion to tell the world the mystical story of the Chinese Zodiac. Combining creativity, artistry and sheer determination, the Zodiac was ready to take off after 18 months.

Zodiac, The Race Begins… managed to garner international interest at the Cannes Film Festival 2005. It achieved a landmark feat by securing sales with just a 10 minute trailer. The success story of Cubix International exemplifies the Singapore’s strength in story-telling with its unique mix of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, Asian and yet cosmopolitan and global outlook. The international interest in and acquisition of Zodiac is reflective of the rising fascination of the West with Asian myths and content.

The MOU signed between the MDA and Cubix International was in recognition of the potential of Cubix International to be in the league of international animators. The MOU was signed at the pre-launch of Zodiac, The Race Begins.... at the Shangri-La Hotel during the Asia Television Forum. The pre-launch event threw the limelight on Singapore’s home-grown celebrity, Fann Wong, who made her debut as the voice talent of an animated film. The MOU was signed between the MDA’s Director of Industry Development, Mr Seto Lok Yin and the Executive Director of Cubix International, Mr Benjamin Toh, with Dr Christopher Chia, the Chief Executive Officer of the MDA, witnessing the signing.

In a deal worth S$30 million which takes effect from 1 January 2006, the MDA will co-invest with Cubix International and other international partners in five animated feature film projects. These projects are expected to contribute positively to the growth of the local animation industry and create job opportunities for Singaporeans across the spectrum of pre-production, animation production and post-production work. A relatively nascent industry, the animation sector has been given a major boost with the establishment of a heavyweight animation studio, LucasFilm Animation Singapore, as the first studio outside the USA in Singapore.

""With Zodiac, the Race Begins… Cubix International made history with a landmark achievement in local animation. The level of success and interest it has garnered from the international marketplace is testament to Cubix's abilities to not only create and produce but also successfully market an Eastern-themed animation film to a global audience. The MDA is delighted to have forged this partnership with Cubix International in a joint effort to grow the Singapore animation industry with the aim to produce animated feature films with international appeal. Through this MOU, a strong pipeline of quality projects will help propel Cubix International into the league of international animators and as a result, create new and exciting job opportunities for our animators,” said Dr Christopher Chia, the MDA’s Chief Executive Officer.

Cubix International Executive Director Benjamin Toh said,” With the wrap of Zodiac, The Race Begins… and the encouraging international sales, we hope to set a new milestone for the local animation productions and contribute to the growth of the industry. The film opens just before Chinese New Year and we are confident that every Singaporean will leave the theatre enlightened, entertained and proud.

“Cubix International is committed to achieving our mission of becoming a world-class animation company, and we are already building the talents and a pipeline of projects to reach that goal. This MOU signifies the beginning of another chapter of Cubix International and the MDA’s determined support of the local animation industry and we are extremely pleased and honoured to have the MDA as a partner to journey with us,” he added.

Already, the MOU signed between the MDA and Cubix International have borne first fruits. With a S$6million budget, the new project, Legend of the Sea, a 3D animated feature, will tell the tale of the mystical Chinese dragon, an icon of Chinese culture and a symbol of power and grace that has intrigued the young and old around the world for many generations.

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