Dated: 14 June 2005

The world’s first system for video billboards that allows content distributors to upload and transmit content in real-time will be launched at BroadcastAsia which opens today at the Singapore Expo. This and other innovative products using Mixed Reality applications and DVB-T systems are some of the highlights at the Singapore Pavilion led by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA).

The video billboard system which is developed by Singapore company, PGK Media allows content distributors to transmit movie clips, music videos and other video information simultaneously to multiple, distributed billboards in real-time. This will allow the advertisers to change the advertisement at a synchronised time to achieve maximum publicity efforts. By using digital audio broadcasting (DAB) technology, video data can be streamed wirelessly, resulting in substantial savings as users no longer need to maintain expensive wires and cables. Additionally, media and advertising agencies can customize separate content for each individual billboard.

Another innovative product is the Magic Story Cube, an interactive edutainment product that provides interactivity and 3D visualizations for the player from Singapore company, MXR Cubes. Using Mixed Reality technology, it allows users to view 3D objects as if the objects are located in the physical world around them. The development of this product was supported by the MDA under its Digital Content Development Scheme.

A multimedia technology company, SPL Innotech has designed a DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast –Terrestrial transmission) system to deliver multimedia content over terrestrial or wireless networks. Locations that do not already have existing cable or fibre optic networks can be serviced immediately. This system also provides an information delivery system which enables service providers to have local channels by supporting content creation, packaging, ad-insertion and scheduling. Already catering to the satellite and cable transmission market areas, SPL is launching the system for the terrestrial market segment.

Commenting on the product showcase from Singapore, Dr Christopher Chia, CEO of the MDA said, “The MDA is committed to the introduction and promotion of new technologies. The range of innovative applications and products that have been developed so far is most encouraging. We will continue to encourage strategic partnerships between media companies and service providers to develop innovative applications to realise the full potential of digital media technologies and take the industry to greater heights.

Other highlights of the Singapore Pavilion include DTV (Digital TV), DAB and Digital Cinema applications and services from 11 digital technology companies. Please refer to Annex A for a list of these companies.

The Singapore Pavilion is part of the MDA’s initiative to facilitate the marketing efforts of local digital media technology companies. This provides them with an avenue to scale up and expand into the regional markets and further, as well as build networks with the international broadcast industry.

Three local institutions will also band together under the Singapore Education umbrella to promote their media and broadcasting training programmes. Site visits to the institutions will be arranged for exhibition visitors who are interested to see what they offer.

The Singapore Pavilion at BroadcastAsia 2005 is located at Stand 2E3-01 of Singapore Expo Hall 2.

BroadcastAsia is co-hosted by the MDA and is an anchor show of Infocomm Media Business Exchange (imBx).

Media Contacts:

Sharanjit Kaur (Ms) Manager
Corporate &Marketing Communications
Media Development Authority
Fax : 65 6336 4142 Fax : 65 636 4142
Email :

Tan Poh Cheng (Ms)
Assistant Director
Corporate &Marketing Communications
Media Development Authority
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PGK MEDIA Website:
Specialised in researching, developing and manufacturing of advanced wireless multimedia interactive advertising devices, kiosks and point of information for either mobile or fixed installation. Some of the latest products include:
• Interactive advertising devices and billboards integrated with DAB and DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) technology.
• ‘Mr Taxi Interactive’ –the world’s first mobile interactive point-of-information and advertisement system specifically designed for taxis, which offers targeted and personalised advertising.

Contact Details:
Mr Giulio Dorrucci, Chairman &CEO
Office: +65-6832-7637
Mobile: +65-9363-2922
Fax: +65-6832-7638

Rediffusion offers the world first DAB conditional access subscription service for the mass market. As the sole intellectual property of Rediffusion, the Conditional Access (CA) solution consists of broadband digital wireless software and hardware solution developed and based in Singapore.

Contact Details:
Mr Daniel Chin, CEO
Office: +65-6383-2633
Fax: +65-6285-0421


The world’s leading manufacturer of digital cinema and post-production equipment. It offers solutions for film transfer, digital production and exhibition of films, digital onscreen advertisements and alternative content.

Contact Details:
Mr Joshua Chan, Director of Sales &Marketing
Office: +65-6222-1082
Mobile: +65-9182-0098
Fax: +65-6222-1089


Specialises in DVB-T/H (Digital Video Broadcasting –Terrestrial/Handheld) infrastructure and integration services. The company’s products and sevices include:
• Datacast Platform –this datacasting system provides a cost effective solution to migrate existing modem dial-up subscribers to broadband services.
• DVB-MHP Broadcasting System –a miniature DVB-T MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) broadcasting system to demonstrate dynamic interactivity programmes.
• DVB-H Broadcasting System –demo of LIVE DVB-H transmissions to PDA based DVB-H receivers.
 Turnkey Datacasting Platform –enables service providers to offer wireless broadband content streaming at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

Contact Details:
Mr Edmund Yong, Chief Technology Officer
Office: +65-6278-8791 ext 181
Mobile: +65-9863-2132
Fax: +65-6273-2982

INTEVOL An independent software developer and distributor that specialises in interactive television for both analog and digital platforms.

Contact Details:
Mr Eric Tachibana, Director
Mobile: +65-9459-1247

MXR CUBES Website:
Develops applications for the education and entertainment industries using the cutting edge Mixed Reality technology. MXR will be demonstrating:
• “Magic Story Cube” –a novel interactive edutainment product which provides interactivity and 3D visualisations.

Contact Details:
Dr Steven Zhou ZhiYing, CEO
Office: +65-6874-5614
Mobile: +65-9154-4998
Fax: +65-6773-8046

The principal equipment distributor and system integrator of Satellite and Cable TV systems in Asia. They will showcase different types of DVB-T set top box and digital indoor antenna.

Contact Details:
Mr Simon Tso, General Manager
Office: +65-6749-4111
Mobile: +65-9815-2776
Fax: +65-6742-8030


A multimedia research and development technology company that offers end-to-end solutions for the telecommunications, digital infotainment and television industries. Products offered include:
• IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) &Entertainment On Demand systems and technologies
• DVB-Terrestrial system
• Media Transporting over IP
• Digital Content Creation Tools
 DVB-T System –one of the first in the world that gives the experience of a two way interactive entertainment on a one way platform.

Contact Details:
Mr Rohit Gupta, Director
Office: +65-6749-0311
Mobile: +65-9660-1460
Fax: +65-6749-4800

Specialising in system integration and engineering works, and manufacturing and sale of Radio-Frequency (RF) products for the entertainment industry. Products offered are:
• Return Channel Terrestrial (RCT) –a wireless return channel technology that enables a one-way broadcast system to become a two-way full communication system.
• Mobile Set-top box –allows viewing of broadcast TV programmes in cars, trains and buses with crystal clear pictures.
 DVB-RCT Solution

Contact Details:
Mr Loy Wee Teck, Business Development Manager
Office: +65-6783-1111
Mobile: +65-9829-7897
Fax: +65-6742-9388

WINUX IT Involved in research, design and development of DTV related products. Winux-iT also provides consultancy services in fields related to its PC based DTV services to multinational companies such as Thomson and Panasonic Lab Singapore. Products and services include:
• DigiTV Laika –a DTV receiver box that provides HDTV entertainment on PC/Laptop.
• DigiStream Transport streamer –provides a cost effective and portable solution for Transmitting or Receiving Transport Stream / MPEG2 Stream on HDTV, SDTV and TV transmission standards.

Contact Details:
Mr N.Sriskanthan, Director
Office: +65-6794-3069
Mobile: +65-9276-3116
Fax: +65-6794-3069

Zentek develops and licenses authoring tools and middleware libraries for digital interactive television. It offers Digital Video Broadcasting –Multimedia Home Platform turnkey system that provides a robust authoring and broadcasting environment for effective design and delivery of applications.

Contact Details:
Mr Jasmani Bin Buang, Head of Business Development Department
Office: +65-6872-0019
Mobile: +65-9137-5935
Fax: +65-6872-3592


Singapore Education aspires to establish Singapore as the premier education hub, offering a distinctive mix of education services. The agency aims to provide a bank of information, support services and create a conducive environment for international students and executives to learn, live and play in Singapore.

Contact Details:
Ms Tan Sock Gim, Manager of Enrichment &Corporate Training
Office: +65-6831-3642
Mobile: +65-9875-2953
Fax: +65-6734-9102

An independent, not-for-profit professional membership organisation. SIM has grown to become the premier management and human resource development organisation in Singapore, providing a comprehensive range of qualification-based and short course executive programmes.

Contact Details:
Ms Hay Lee Keng, Manager of Corporate Training
Office: +65-6248-9412
Fax: +65-6467-4401

Established by Asia Pacific Broadcasting and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Digiworkz Asia-Pac Broadcast Training Centre conducts engineering and production courses for practitioners in the broadcast industry. Digiworkz also regularly develops customised courses for TV stations, production houses and government departments.

Contact Details:
Ms Lim Mei Mei, General Manager
Office: +65-6334-6055
Mobile: +65-9645-4060
Fax: +65-6334-2755

The Digital Media Academy is a dynamic industry-recognised organisation that is committed to quality education in the film, video and television industry. A centre for the development and advancement of digital media, the Academy provides comprehensive training programmes by experienced industry players. These courses provide more than just theoretical training, but also hands-on training in specially designed courses that range from three days to 15 weeks.

Contact Details:
Mr Tony Chow, Managing Director
Office: +65-6513-3500
Mobile: +65-9762-5681
Fax: +65-6295-5315

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