Dated: 6 December 2007

MediaCorp Radio has paid a $5,000 fine imposed by the Media Development Authority (MDA) for airing a discussion on a sex-related topic during Class 95FM's "The Morning Express" programme in August this year.

The programme, aired between 7am to 8am on 21 August 2007, contained a prolonged discussion between the DJs on "whether men and women should make noise during sex" and "whether noisy men turn women off". Listeners were invited to give their comments on-air and the DJs also read out SMS messages sent by the listeners. This was inappropriate as the programme was aired during the early morning hours when children would be tuning into the radio station as they travel to school.

MDA also sought the views of the Programmes Advisory Committee for English Programmes (PACE). PACE was of the view that the discussion was not in good taste and the Committee concurred with MDA's findings that the DJs had breached the Radio Programme Code​ by engaging in such discussions at a time when children could be listening in.

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