Mr Tetsuhiko Yasuda, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Asia,

Mr Chan Lee Mun, Principal and CEO of Nanyang Polytechnic,

Game Developers and Industry Partners,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

1        Good morning. It gives me great pleasure to be here for the opening of the Games Solution Centre. For the first time, game developers here, will have a rapid prototyping environment where you can develop your game quickly because of ready resources, ranging from development tools to physical meeting rooms. You can then concentrate on doing what’s most important to you – developing your game.

2      We understand funding constraints are commonly faced by budding developers, and could at times, be in the way of your game aspirations. This is why we think it will be useful for game developers to therefore enjoy free tenure at the Games Solution Centre. To give you all the help we can, MDA also launched the new Grant Schemes in September this year. Whether you are seeking to improve on story-boarding, developing your fully playable game, upgrading yourself or marketing your products, MDA has a Grant suitable for you.

3      Over the next three years, we hope that 500 game developers like you, will benefit from the Games Solution Centre. This would not have been possible without the support of industry members. I would like to thank our partners at the Games Solution Centre, Sony Computer Entertainment Asia for making available their PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Portable development kits and Nanyang Polytechnic who is the Centre manager, for running the day-to-day operations of the Games Solution Centre. I would also like to thank Mr Tetsuhiko Yasuda who flew down specially from Japan to show his support. Autodesk and Hewlett Packard Singapore have also been very supportive. Thank you for providing your middleware tools and Mobile Workstations so our developers can have a leg-up in the creation process.

4      Let us also welcome our partner from the United Kingdom, Serious Games Institute, who has set up their office beside the Games Solution Centre. In fact, where we are at now is the actual office site for the Serious Games Institute. I encourage you to see how you can benefit from their knowledge and experience in the field of Serious Games. So, do drop by and find out more about the Serious Games Institute.

5      A rapid prototyping environment, access to development tools and mentorship services. All these are aimed at making the Games Solution Centre a one stop resource centre for you to develop your game. We encourage you to join us.

6      It is also apt that the Games Solution Centre is housed in Mediapolis Phase Zero, which seeks to create an ecosystem for like-minded people to come together to exchange and share their ideas. Similarly, we would like to see the sharing of ideas within the Games Solution Centre, so that you can become the next big thing in games. We wish you every success as you journey through the creation of your games to achieve commercial success.

7     Thank you.

Last updated on: 13 Mar 2023