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SPEARHEADING digitalisation for the future

More advanced enterprises may build digital capabilities and a team from within with the Digital Leaders Programme  


Jointly developed by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG), the Digital Leaders Programme (DLP) seeks to help promising local companies across all industries to accelerate their digital transformation journey. The programme will help companies who are ready to integrate digital technology into their core business strategy to develop new digital capabilities, so that they can develop innovative business models and capture new growth opportunities.

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Who can apply?

Local companies across all industries, with at least 30% local shareholding.

Interested companies must also demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Achieved some level of digital maturity, with experience in implementing digitalisation projects;
  • High management commitment to digital transformation, possessing willingness and ability to infuse digital into core business strategy, build a core digital team, and transform business operations to make digitalisation a priority; and

  • Revenue growth potential, preferably with plans to leverage on digital to scale regionally or globally.

How to apply?

The DLP will be made available for companies to apply from April 2021.


DLP companies can benefit from the following three modules:

  1. Build an in-house core digital team: Companies will receive funding support to hire a core Digital Team to help them enhance their business model through digitalisation. The team will comprise a senior digital leadership role (e.g. Chief Technology Officer/ Chief Digital Officer), as well as a team of up to 5 digital talents (e.g. enterprise architects) to help execute digital initiatives for the organisation;

  2. Chart a digital roadmap: Engage consultancy services to develop digital roadmaps to guide key action plans and implementation of digital projects; and

  3. Develop Proof of Concepts (POCs) for new markets/ customer segments: Development of new digital products and services to create new revenue streams.

Companies will also be linked up with ecosystem partners such as system integrators, technology companies, strategy consultants and talent search firms to facilitate the recruitment of the digital team, development of the digital roadmaps as well as to support the company’s innovation plans.


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Last updated on: 03 Mar 2021